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Religion Project for Mr. L's World History Class

Hannah B

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Islam

ISLAM Islam is a Monotheistic (of one god) religion based on the
revelations received by the prophet Mohammed. Islam is the Arabic word for “submission” The Definition of Islam This Religion is said to be
originated in 7th Century Saudi
Arabia by the prophet Muhammad Origin The Prophet Muhammad About Muhammad Muhammad was the
son of the Prophet Ismail. He was working as a camel driver when according to Muhammad the angel Gabriel gave him a message from God. He spent the rest of his life spreading the word he was told. Number of Followers About 23% of all people on Earth are Islamic. And the religion is still growing! It is the second most popular religion in the world aside from Christianity. Where Is Islam Most followed? Most of the people who follow Islam are located in Indonesia! Here are the top 5 most Islamic countries:
Indonesia=203 million
Pakistan=174 million
India=161 million
Bangladesh=145 million
Egypt=79 million Divisions of Islam Dar al- Islam (House of Islam)
Dar al- Harb (House of War)
Dar al- Dawa (House of Invitation) Dar al- Amn (House of Safety)
Dar al- Hudna (House of Calm)
Dar al- 'Ahd (House of Truce) Islam Is divided into 6 houses I LIKE CHEESE I LIKEIE The islamic religion believes in 6 central things: 1. They believe in Allah - for them, there is only one God. Allah means "The God" 2. They believe in The Angels. Muslims believe that Angels act like 'a liaison officer' (a messenger) between God and The Prophets. 3. They believe in The Prophets. Muslims believe in 28 prophets (including Jesus) Muhammad is the last and final prophets. He is the seal of the prophets. 4. They believe in The Holy Books.Muslims believe the Qur'an are the actual words of Allah that were passed on to Muhammad by The Angel Gabriel. 5. They believe in The Day of Judgement. Muslims believe that when you die there will be a final day of Judgement. Allah will decide if you were a good Muslim throughout your life. If you were, you would be rewarded and sent to Paradise. If you weren't, you would be punished and sent to hell. 6. They believe in Pre-destination. That means that God has already decided how you will live your life. GODS The islamic religion believes in one god. they call him "Allah". Allah is the Arabic word for "The God" On the Last Day, Humans that are brought back to life will be judged by Allah according to how they lived their lives. They are either allowed to enter Paradise, where they will enjoy happiness and peace forever, or sent to Hell to suffer for eternity. The day of judgment is described as passing over Hell on a narrow bridge in order to enter Paradise. Those who fall, weighed down by being bad, will stay in Hell forever. The Afterlife Muslim Leaders A Muslim leader is usually called an Imam. He is the one who leads worship services in a mosque. Most of the time, the Islamic people will ask the the mosque Imam if they have a religious question. In smaller societies, an Imam could also be the leader of the community. Emma Zavaski
Matt Webb
Cam Parkhurst
Hannah Bailey The Islamic bible is called the "Qu'ran" or "Koran" It is a very sacred book in the islamic religion. Sacred Texts Place Of Worship A Mosque is the place of worship for the Islam religion. It is very important to this religion. The main mosque is called "Jamaca", and is the one where the Friday prayer takes place Symbols A crescent moon is believed to symbolize Muslims, it is very important in the Muslim lunar calendar. Each Muslim month starts with the sighting of the new moon Each point on the star represents the five pillars of Islam. (1) The declaration of faith
(2) The duty to pray 5 times a day
(3) Giving zakat, the annual charity
(4) Fasting in the month of Ramadan (5) Performance of Hajj, the pilgrimage The five pillars are: THE END QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? Made by Cam
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