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No description

Twilah Saksek

on 14 February 2016

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Transcript of !Nursing!

The profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm.
Best Personality
The best personality for this job is that you should have to be open minded & prepared to help & try different things.
Education Needed
First Trained Nurse-Linda Richards
First Hospital-1756, Pennsylvania Hospital
Before the foundation of modern nursing, Nuns and the Military would provide nurse-like services.
High School Diploma

Math: 3-4 years
English: 4 years
Science: 2-4 years
Social Studies: 3-4 years
Foreign Language: 2 years

Communication & Observation
Working with a team
Ability to answer questions
Emotional & Physical stress
Student Jobs
Entry Level Job-Emergency Medical Technician, Transport Technician
Working Conditions-Registered nurses work closely with physicians,assisting them with there daily task.
Hours- 24 hours every day for registered nurses
Salary Range- Under 20,000
Physical/Emotional Stress- Scared if someone could die or get really hurt.
Fringe benefits- Medical

Disadvantages- Not knowing whats going to happen to the patient.

Advantages- You get to help people that are sick.
Future Outlook- The employment growth will most likely be above average.
Career ladder- Provide opportunity for advancement in the practice setting.
I think I am suited for this career because I like to learn new things and meet new people.
Nurses are required to complete undergraduate coursework before they can complete any specific nursing classes.
Thanks for watching!
Any questions?
Summer Nursing Intern in Loveland, CO. At UC Health.
Communications Intern in Greenwood Village, CO. At Fastaff Corporate.
Advanced Practice Nurse- Traveling Team in Denver, CO. At Planned Parenthood of Rocky Mountains.
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