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Understanding the Writing Process: The Seven Steps

No description

Curly Sue

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Understanding the Writing Process: The Seven Steps

Understanding the Writing Process:
7 Steps

~Alexander Pope
Step 5: Get feedback from a peer
"True ease in writing
comes from art, not chance,
as those move easiest
who have learned to dance."
Step 1: Choose a topic
Step 2: Brainstorm
*Jot down ideas

*Make a cluster diagram

*choose something familiar
What is your purpose?
describe something
compare two things
show cause and effect
argue a point
Step 3: Outline
*Is there any part of the writing that is not clear?
*Is there a vocabulary word that needs to be clarified?
*Is there an idea that is not explained completely enough?
*Any additional adjectives?
Proofread the final draft
*improves clarity
Revise the 1st draft
Step #8 & 9:
What? More Steps?
8) Turn it in.
9) Enjoy life.
List at least 3 things
that you know well:
List 3 things you want
to learn about:
Step 4: Write the first draft
*No 2 writers approach writing the same way.

Connecting information

Each paragraph explains a point of development of your thesis
*Recaps or summarizes the main idea of the essay
What the essay is about
*Implied thesis

*Stated thesis
The main points are not stated, but implied.
Ex: Buying a car is not as easy as it sounds because there are many factors to consider.
The main points are clearly stated.
Ex: Buyers should keep in mind many factors when purchasing a car: price, gas mileage, and functionality.
Little house
on the
*Restate the thesis or points of development by reviewing the points in a different way
*Give your reader something to think about (suggestion, opinion, prediction)
Supporting sentences follow topic sentences (describe, give reasons, give facts, give examples, explain)
*choose something you are interested in and want to learn about


*Use feedback from peers & your instructor
*Don't be afraid to ask for help
*Wait time between drafts can be useful to see things from a new perspective
*shows the relationship between ideas
*improves the flow of the essay
*connects paragraphs
Joie de vivre
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