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Day 3: Common Core 4th Grade Mathematics - Domain 2 Traditional Algorithms Day 2

No description

Heather Scott

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Day 3: Common Core 4th Grade Mathematics - Domain 2 Traditional Algorithms Day 2

Traditional Algorithms
On the THIRD day of Math Review my teacher taught to me...

Traditional Algorithms

Place Value and Whole Numbers

And what the operations mean.
Add 35,748 + 17,026
Let's Check Homework!
Can you explain your steps?
Easy enough? Let's do it!
Write a real-world problem using 267 + 349.
Subtract 64,783-29,525
Be able to explain your steps.
Practice makes Perfect!
You know your facts, but can you use them??
Multiply 4 x 17
What method did you use?
Area Model
How about bigger numbers?
Fifth-graders do it. Think you're smarter than a fifth- grader?
This way works, but is it the fastest?
Let's try something else.
Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy
That's fun, but what else?
Let's first use a picture to solve a problem... remember those arrays?
60 / 4 = ___
Now for Traditional!
Let's do this first one together
Now it's your turn!
Well done! You've made it to the top of the mountain!
Homework p. 81, 82, & 83
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