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Angel Mckee

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of HEBREW

The religious views for Hebrews was Judaism. Hebrews had Rabbi's , the word rabbi means "Teacher" The judaisms most sacred text was the "Torah" It contains the five books of moses as well as the 613 commandments and the 10 commandments. "Torah" means to teach. People who are jewish do no believe Jesus was the messiah. People who are jewish believe you can sin in three different way.
1.) Sins against god(Their god)
2.) Sins against another person
3.) Sins against yourself, a person sins when he or she goes astray. Their church is called "The synagogue" like our church they have a raised surface in the front which is the stage.
The Hebrews government that they went by was Monarchy. Monarchy is one of the olderst forms of goverment. The hebrews argued with their god to give them a kind, so that they would be like their neighbors.
The three kinds of Hebrews were:

1.) David
David was a "Brilliant" leader of anciet israel. He gained fame when he killed the philistine goliath. He was the first kind of an united israel. He founded a dynasty, centered in Jerusalem. He was couraeous and and strong, and was good on instruments.
Saul was a hero, he led the raid to rescue the Tablets of the Ten Commandments from the philistines, who had captured them alone with the ark. Saul was physically gifted, and was very tall. Saul supported and enhanced the school system that samuel established. He was a good person, free of sin, brave, and most of all modest. His weakness what insecurity and jealousy.
Soloman was known for his wisom,wealth and his writings. He became ruler in approx 967 B.C.E. He was the son of Kind David and Bathsheba. He spent 13 years building his own palace. He also built a city wall called " The Millo" A palace for the daughter of Pharaoh(Who was one of his wives) and facilities for foreign traders.
He was very genorous.

All of these men were very good people in their own way, and
they were all good kings.

is the first written record keeping. It has the Hebrews early history in Five books, and they form the torah. Beliefs were recorded into sacred texts. Torah is the first section of the Hebrew bible, Prophets would also include the teachings of early israelite prophets. The writings would include:
Lessons, history, poetry, songs, and proverbs(Sayings of wisdom)

Israel was the first kingdom, and then they split into two kingdoms, Which were

Jerusalem was the major city of Israel.
Solomans temple was the only known monumental
structure of the Ancient hebrews. The temple had entrance pylons,
courts, and a noas, a large rectangular chamber,
giving entrance to the holy of holies, which housed the ark of the convenant. The location of the temple is in Mt. Moriah, the biblical name of a hill in eastern Jerusalem. There are two pillars in front of the temple that say
which mean
What does the word "Torah" Mean?
What are three of the writings used?
Name the three kings of Hebrew...


Things to know
Religion Continued...
Organized Government
More of things to know
Social Classes
Record Keeping and writing
Developed cities
Art and Architecture
Fun things to know
Question #1
Question #2
Question #3
Some more things about Judaism are:
If you have sinned to one of those three, there is a time when you have 10 days to sincerely ask for forgiveness. This process is called "Teshuvah" Back then, people who were jewish were not allowed to draw living things, ebcause their leader thought they would end of worshiping them.
There were twelve tribes of israel. Only men from the tribe could become priests, and everyone else were nomadic or farmers.
They were inslaved.
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