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Launguage arts advanced research project that is about bengal tigers and some fun facts

facts and information on the bengal tigers endangerment

Trey Shockley

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Launguage arts advanced research project that is about bengal tigers and some fun facts

What medicines does the indian bengal tiger produce after it is killed? th the Endangerment of the bengal tiger and some fun facts. What medicicnes can the bengal tiger make after it is killed???????????? Bengal tiger fighting for his life. When the bengal tiger is killed people will most of the time people make a soup. What is the Indian goverment doing to help protect the bengal tiger??? The Indian government is putting out more wild life watchers to try to catch poachers.They are protected by a company called cites.Cites stands for Convention On international trade in endangerd species.They are also on the endangerd list of usfws. m mhgu48 What is the bengal tigers fur used for? Sometimes the bengal tigers fur is used for a rug or carpet piece.Even though it is illegal people still buy sell and kill tigers, some do it for spor others for money some i think do it jus to do it.Do one thing for me please think if you would like to be brutally killed and turned into a rug or carpet?
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