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Naw Ruz

The Iran Holiday

kevin preisach

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Naw Ruz

Naw Ruz Naw Ruz is celebrated in Iran. It is a religious holiday and it is celebration of renewal and the coming of spring time. It is celebrated by the Iranians. It only lasts one day and that one day is the day before the spring and its when you can reunite with your family and eat all you want. Naw Ruz is celebrated only one day marking the end of the 9 day fast. They eat things like rice with a side of fish and green herbs. During Naw Ruz common foods are eaten such as Sabzi Polo Mahi which is Rice with green herbs served with fish. During Naw Ruz people wear normal cloths essentially, and/or what their family wears. During Naw Ruz people decorate their tables with symbolic food items. During Naw Ruz people celebrate by having a feast with their famillies to celebrate the end of their 9 day fast. People will just have a feast with their family/friends to celebrate the end of the fast. THE END! THANK YOU Naw Ruz
-Naw ruz is celebrated during the spring.
-Naw Ruz celebrates the coming of spring. Christmas
-Christmas is celebrated during the winter.
-Christmas is to celebrate Jesus' Birth date. Both
-They both celebrate something.
-They both decorate things as part of the celebration. COMPARISON By:Cameron Harvey, Kevin Preisach Perez
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