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lib hist

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Tibor

Tibor Rubin
by Jason Jean
Marco Perez
Iran Colon-Perez

Topic 2
The soldiers from America came to the concentration camp and freed every one. The reason Tibor was in that camp is because he was a jewish person.
Topic 4
Topic 5
Tibor was sent on the most grueling and life threatening missions in the army mostly because he was jewish, but also he was very brave and willing tg to fight for his country and honor.

Topic 7
Topic 3
When he was released he made a promise to go to the army and repay them for what they did to save them from the concentration camp. He knew that going back would take a lot of courage and strength to protect his citizenship.
Tibor Rubin
In 1948, Rubin was awarded the Medal of Honor by president George W. Bush for his Patriotism and other great actions in the Korean war.
In the 1980s, nearly 30 years after he had been discharged, Rubin's army friends began protesting the Army's inaction and unfilled promises to recognize Rubin's bravery. The issue quickly reached members of Congress. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) introduced a special bill on Rubin’s behalf in 1988.. The U.S. Army was forced to reexamine their discrimination policies towards awarding minorities during World War II and the Korean War.
Topic 6
Years in a Nazi concentration camp had taught Rubin ways of survival that most humans never need know. He knew how to make soup out of grass, what weeds had medicinal qualities and that the human body can sometimes prevail if a person's mind is in the right place.
What his comrades needed, Rubin knew, was hope -- hope to keep them moving and hope to make them fight for their lives.
"Some of them gave up, and some of them prayed to be taken," Rubin remembers. He held pep talks, reminding the Soldiers of the families awaiting their safe return home. He stole food for them to eat, nagged them to "debug" themselves of the relentless lice and even nursed them through sickness.
Tibor "Ted" Rubin was born on June 18,1929. When rubin was 15 he was placed in a concentration camp only because he was jewish. The troops had second thoughts when the captain said to everyone "None of you will survive.
Topic 1
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