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How to use Max Remote

No description

Wesley Ferreira

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of How to use Max Remote

Max Remote turns your Android device into a WiFi universal remote for computer. Control mouse, keyboard, and your favorite games with more than 20 models of joysticks.
Max Remote
But how to use Max Remote?
Using Max Remote is very easy,
just follow the steps below:
Run Max Remote Server
on the computer.
Open Max Remote on your Android device.
Connect the computer and your Android on the same Wi-Fi network.
To download Max Remote Server access:
Then click the Download button.
Now just click on the server to run it.
Max Remote Server.jar
As Max Remote Server is written in Java, you need to have Java Runtime installed on your computer.

To download the Java Runtime visit:

This is the server interface
In the session Server Address, two addresses are suggested, one of them will work.
The session TCP Port, displays the port where the server is running.
But now what?
Well, since we know the Server Address and Port, just open Max Remote on your Android and enter the requested data.
Then click the connect button.
Done, you are already connected to the server and can enjoy the various features of Max Remote to control your computer.
©Bit Units Studio, 2013
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