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Social Interaction

No description


on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Social Interaction

Social Interaction
Engaging in a

a person who buys good or services from a shop or business
a person of specified kind with whom has to deal.


related to the topics suitable
make the customer feel comfortable and satisfied

Initial appearance

W - Welcoming
A - Attentive
R - Responsive
M - Mindful
Verbal Communication
Non-verbal Communication

-choose words carefully
- use low tone voice
- suitable intonation
Who is customer?
Non-Verbal Communication
ensure your body language is open and inviting, not closed or aggressive
consider other non-verbal communication when greeting a customer, including
Course : Business English

Lecturer 's Name : Miss Hasimah

Group Members :Janatulnaimah,Nur Syahirah
NurLyana Aqilah,Nur Amirah Arinah
Nurul Sabrina Anasuha

3 ways to meet and greet customer
friendly greet
service greet
merchandise greet
Friendly Greet
ask a question or comments about anything
It is suitable for the first time customer
For example : ask about the weather
Services Greet
It is specific service of what the customer need
It is used for regular customer ( we already know what they want)
for example "Do you want another colour of the pattern ?"
Merchandise Greet
More explanation about the thing they want from our business
The colour is called "French Blue"
C - Customers
A - Are
R - Really
E - Everything
The most important person in any business
They have feeling and emotions
The lifeblood of our business
What is the internal and
external customer?
Polite greeting
Use the suitable words
full attention
look at their faces
listen properly
Respond to the customer
Give more explanation
Social Interactions with customers
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