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RtI and Mathematics

No description

shelby robertson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of RtI and Mathematics

Critical Questions How do we meet the instructional needs
of in mathematics for all students to achieve? What instructional methods, strategies and resources are available for the classroom teacher to meet the diverse needs? How do we enhance our current teaching methods
to meet more of our students' needs in math? Core Components of Tier 1 Consensus on core instructional methods
to meet the NGSSS. A continuum of instructional approaches
and accommodations to differentiate to meet individual student needs within whole class - differentiated instruction. Multiple Solutions Differentiating the Curriculum Implementing various Levels of Learning Actively Engaging Students in Their Learning "...allows all students to access the
same classroom curriculum by
providing entry points, learning tasks,
and outcomes that are tailored to
students' needs."
~Hall, Strangman & Meyer (2003) The Purpose of Differentiating Instruction *Helps address individual learning needs of a student *Offers various methods of instruction or materials
used for learning *Customized to the way individual students learn
and how each student is reliably assessed. Differentiated Instruction When a student experiences difficulty,
move back to the previous level for
additional practice. Allow the use of manipulatives or
representational drawings to solve problems. Allow students to choose level (CRA)
to solve a problem. Differentiating the Curriculum RtI and Mathematics
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