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ER/IR Verb Conjugation

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Jessica Temple

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of ER/IR Verb Conjugation

ER/IR Verb Endings:
Yo (I) = o Nosotros (we) = emos (ER)
imos (IR)
Tú (you) = es X

Usted (you) = e Ustedes (you all) = en
Él (he) = e Ellos (they) = en
Ella (she) = e Ellas (they) = en

Examples we know:
Reminder: How to Conjugate:
1. Take off the ER or IR.
2. Add the ending that matches the subject.
1. Compartir (yo)
2. Comer (ellos)
3. Beber (tú)
4. Comprender (nosotros)
5. Compartir (nosotros)
6. Beber (ella)
ER/IR Verb Conjugation
Remember AR Verbs? Now we're
learning to conjugate ER/IR Verbs.

ER/IR Verbs
ER/IR Verbs are verbs
that end in ER or IR.
bebER = to drink
comER = to eat
comprendER = to understand
compartIR = to share
Comer (yo) Com- Como = I eat
Why do we conjugate anyway??
In Spanish, all verbs start out in the infinitive form.
They don't have a subject, and they mean "to ____."
To give a verb a subject, you must CONJUGATE it.

In case you don't remember, here's how.
1. Yo comparto - I share
2. Ellos comen - they eat
3. Tú bebes - you drink
Answers Part I:
4. Nosotros comprendemos - we understand
5. Nosotros compartimos - we share
6. Ella bebe - she drinks
Answers Part II:
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