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Copy of Changwon City Learning City for the elderly Policies #

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Eunjae Shin

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Changwon City Learning City for the elderly Policies #

A World No.1 City,
n !
I. The Aged Welfare Policies in Republic of Korea
II. Introduction of policies on the Independent elderly in Changwon
- Introduction about Changwon
- City Projects for Senior
I. The aged welfare policies in Republic of Korea
Vibrant Learning City
Vibrant learning City, Changwon
Welfare Facilities in Korea
Aging Population in S.Korea
Unit : Thousand, %
The residential facilities : 435(18,592 persons)
Medical welfare centers : 4,585(139,939persons)
Senior Leisure welfare centers : 64,983
Other facilities for Senior :1,042
* Example : Home-care service, Security Service,
Temporary care service, Home-bath service, etc
Major Senior Welfare policies
A. Supporting Income for Independence of Seniors

- Senior Employment project
- Job Recruiting office management
B. Senior Healthcare

- Insurance for the aged
- Expand the Senior Welfare Facilities
C. Security Service for the aged

- Senior care service
- Organize senior security agencies

Supporting Income Project
Security Service for Senior
Supporting Elderly Employment
Beneficiary : Over 65 year-old seniors
Purpose : to help Economic & Health, Social engagement, prevent depression from the isolation
Payment : 200USD/Month/Person
Organizer : Local Gov. Senior Welfare center, Senior Club
240,000 job provided in 2013 (public 212,000, private 28,000)
Total Budget : 225 M$
Job Recruiting Center for Senior
Targets : 205 offices for recruiting jobs
Center by Korean Senior Association
Fund : 8 M$ by Korean Gov.
Supporting Center type : Combination 14, Urban area 120, Rural area 71
Outline of Long-term insurance
for the aged
Law enforcement : '08.7.01
Aims to
Long-Term care Scheme for the Elderly
- Improve the quality of seniors' life
- Help on economic burden
- Support for the disadvantaged seniors
- Increase the job opportunities/expand the social service
- Efficient Medical service and improve proper treatment system
- Beneficiaries : Over 65 year-old seniors or under 65 year-old with aged diseases such as Alzheimer, Pakinsonism, stroke etc.
- Hospitalized at the health care center
- Get supported by home care service
- Special fund by cash to the citizens in remote area
-Management Authorities : National Health
insurance Corp. and Local government
- Cost Allotment :
4,150 billion $ / 2014
( 2,685 b$/National Insurance+
503 b$/Korean national budget+
890b$/insurance fee by employee)
Long-term Insurance fee: 6.55% of
Health insurance cost
National budget : 20% of insurance income,
- Individual expenses :
To the Centers 20%, caring for 15%, medical expenses 50%
Low-incomers : Free

Alzheimer management Master plan
Pre-test for Alzheimer
Support the expenses on care & treatment in need
Foster the communication and social interaction
Caring senior citizens who live alone
- Beneficiary : 65 year-old seniors who live alone
- Contents : Caregivers(8,000workers) visit the
house for the solidarity for any possible help
Live it up with all
Learning City Projects
for the Elderly
- Beneficiary : 65 year-old seniors with low income
- Contents : Assist housework for 27 hours/M
Daycare service 9~12 times per month
Caring senior citizens with low income
Shelter for the abused seniors
- Counselor for abused senior for mental care
- Budget: 171.4M$
- Beneficiary : 65 year-old seniors with low income
- Contents : National Museum, subway, Sky train,
National Park, Art Museum :

Free admission cost
Discount Service for Seniors
Republic of KOREA
Foster Elder Friendly Industry
Background : In order to catch up with the rapid aging society, the development on elder friendly products is required.
It aims to contribute on economy growth based on the elder friendly industry, provide an efficient way to deal with the challenges cased by the aging society
Major Projects
Policy on Elder Friendly industry (Research, organization etc)
Improve the quality of elder friendly products
- Development on examination guideline for excellent elder
friendly products
- Activate to use the service for elders and elder friendly products
- Research some information on elders friendly industry through
out worldwide channels
Other events
Organize for fair and seminar etc
Promoting the value of the industry
Provide the wide information and so on.
Data on the elderly in Changwon, RoK
Senior Population

Population of Changwon

Aging population in Changwon
Number of Seniors in Changwon
Independent Retirement
City policies on Senior welfare
Senior social inclusion Project
Health Care Project
Social Welfare Project
Security Support Project
Other events

City Project
Senior Social Inclusion Program
Senior Employment project
Annul budget : 8.48 million $
Health Care for Senior Citizens
Organizing the Cultural & Spots Events for Senior Citizens
Supporting hearing aid/Moving Aid for the seniors with low-income
Supporting health check-up for over 65 year-old with low income seniors
Installment of GPS on seniors with Alzheimer(currently 2,320 patients in Changwon)
Facilitating the special care system in emergency case for over 65 year old who live alone (U-Care)/Total 300,000USD allocated annually
Welfare System
Senior Pension System under the basic pension law
- Beneficiary : over 65 year-old seniors
- Pension : Max 200$ ~ 120$
- Budget : 141million$(NF 70%,P&L 6% & 24%)
Education for the Aged
Emergency Care System
Facilities on Job market in Changwon
Providing the personnel for Senior Employment
- Budget: 407,000$
- Target to hire 34 personnel for senior employment
- Managed by district offices and cityhall

Job Recruiting Centre for Seniors
- Budget : 280,000$
- Target to create the jobs for 345 elders
(Senior internship program)
- Organized by 2 district offices in Changwon, Masan
- Introducing the new job for over 55 year old
elders retired or resigned from the job
New mayor's election pledge(in Jun,2014)
- Creating over 10,000 jobs for Seniors
- Beneficiary : over 65 years old seniors
- Period : 2014-2018
- Total Budget : 57 million $(NF 28M,each P,C 14.4 M)
- Outcome : Health promotion, Improve Income though
the social inclusion project reducing
social expenses, Remodeling the social
bias on seniors citizens
Changwon Senior Club
(Public-Private agency on Senior Employment)
Create more jobs for the elders
Coordinating on the job recruitment between Private and Public sectors
5 years of Strategic Plan
Mr. Sangsoo, Ahn, Mayor of Changwon
Welfare Service Award by Ministry of Welfare in ROK
Awarded on 31st of DEC in 2013
- Public Bicycle maintenance by Seniors
- Management by Changwon Senior Club
- Payment : 200$/M(2 hrs/weekday)
Caring for the Solidarity
- Beneficiary : over 65 year-old who live alone with low-income
- To visit once a week, To give calls 2~3 times a week
- Encourage to join in community learning centers
- Issuing the Voucher to be used for public service
- Budget : 2.728 M$(NF70%, P&L each 15%)
Senior Literacy Education (Basic Education)
11 Lifelong Learning Centers in Changwon
609 seniors who want to learn the literacy skills
Budget : 80,000$/Year(NF: 43/ LF : 37)
(Data in 2014)
Building the competencies for 2nd Life
Education for Second life plan
: Consultation class for seniors how to manage their
savings, analyzing finance, health etc
Supporting on training course for certified senior employment
: Certification on bakery, cooking, driving license, geriatric
care-helper etc
Annual budget : 21,000$ for 33 persons /6months
(Max. 480$/person)
For Leisure & General Cultured Education
Senior College
- Over 60 years old Seniors
- Courses: Bodily exercise, Singing Class, Literacy, ICT etc
- Organization: 22 Senior Associations
- Budget : 172,000$(Local Gov's budget)
A Healthy Sex
- Consulting on healthy Sex
for senior citizens
- Budget : 40,000$/Year
Security service for Seniors
- Beneficiary : Seniors who live alone with low-income
- Operating the emergency center for the solitary seniors for
24 hours(Monitoring/U-911 call to contact emergency center)
- To elderly suicide prevention and find the emergency case
in advance
- Budget : 150,000$(NE, 75/PE&CE : 37.5)
* Delivery yogurt to solitary seniors to alert the emergency case (everyday)
Number of Community Learning Centers in Changwon
=> 13 Lifelong Learning Centers, 23 Senior Colleges,
4 senior Welfare Center, 990 Senior Community Centers
For social inclusion and healthy life with community members together
Live it up with all!
in a vibrant Learning City

* Industrial
+ Eco-Environmental City
Big Leap from Local to Global !
Learning City, Changwon, Republic of Korea

by Eunjae,Shin
- Increase the number of program on 'child care Assistants(Story tellers) '
- Fostering Silver(Graying) Security Projects
- More positions in Senior nursing houses (290 houses)
- Silver(Graying) parcel service (within the big complex of Condominium building)
- Silver (Graying)Laundry Projects(Washing uniform from Private companies and deliver them to the company)
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