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The Pardoner's Tale

No description

Melisa Mena

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of The Pardoner's Tale

The Pardoner's Tale
What the Pardoner does
Preaches for money
Shows "Holy relics"for money
Sells pardons to people that have sinned.
The Pardoner
Long, greasy, yellow hair
No hood only a cap with a "holy relic" sewn in the front
Status clergy man of the church
Sells fake relics, tricking people out of there money for his personal gain
The pardoner was greedy and tricked people out of their money by promising them salvation and forgiveness for their sins. As the Pardoner reveals in the prologue "I preach for nothing but for greed of gain." He continues to tell his tale after he had something to eat and drink. The pardoner travels around the town handing out fake pardons to citizens for greedy gain. He also claims to have the Virgin Mary's veil, Holy cross,and a sail from St. Peter's ship. He also carries a pig bones in a glass
by Melisa Mena
Veronica Polanco

A clerk of the catholic church that raised money by selling indulgences
Radix malorum est cupiditas
Translates to "Greed is the root of all evil"
The pardoner believes greed is evil and continues to preach but continues to cheat people for his own greed
Setting: A town name Flander
Character: Three rioter, an old man, death
The rioters hear a hand bell ring before a coffin is put underground
one of the rioters friends was slain by death making the rioters angry
Death had been slaying many men women and children
the three rioters swore to find and kill death
On there way they find an old man that wants to die but death doesn't take him
The old man tells the three rioters that death should be waiting under an oak tree
1. What does a pardner do?
a) preaches church sermons b) baptizes people
c) Sells pardons d) works for the clergy
2. What was the Pardoner selling for his personal gain?
a) Fake relics c) Free passages to town
b) Stories d) bibles
3. What did the three rioters find under the tree where death was suppose to be?
a) sticks c) food
b) golden florins d) Wine
4. why were the rioters Furious at death?
a)Death had cheated them b)Death was laughing at them
c)Death had killed lots of people d) Death broke the deal he made with them
5)How is the Pardoner's tail so Ironic?
They find 8 bushels of Florins instead
The forget all about death and agree to take the treasure by night fall
They send the youngest to fetch them wine and bread
As the youngest rioter goes to town, both rioters agree to share the treasure equally among both of them
As the youngest goes in to town, he buys poison and puts it in the wine so he could get all the florins for him self
As he returns both rioters kill him
Both rioters celebrate as they drink the bottles of wine, they both die instantly
After The Tale
The pardoner tries to get money by trying to sell his relics even though he admitted they were fake and suggests the host in paying first
The host mocks the Pardoner angering him. The Knight steps in telling the host to make amends with the pardoner and continue with the tales
The Moral: Greed is the root of all evil
Theme: Greed will get you nowhere in life
Theme / Moral
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