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A book review - take 2

Victoria Hubler

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Freakling

Freakling By Lana Krumweide IVF Theme Setting Plot Conflict Characters Critique The story, Freakling, by Lana Krumweide explores the limitless abilities of the human mind and the power that comes with knowledge. Knowledge is power and with power
comes great responsibility. A terrifying future Earth in which the world has warred, people have walled themselves off from anyone who might be different, and knowledge is dolled out to those deemed worthy. Krumweide creates a world in which the powerless must stop the powerful in the hopes of saving everyone. Taemon Two brothers - Two paths. Yens is trying to kill his brother because he believes his brother might be the "True Son". Yens wants that role for himself - he does not want to follow in his father's footsteps and become a teacher of religion. Taemon is intelligent and thoughtful - "Thinking up crazy machines and gadgets was Taemon's favorite way to daydream." Taemon is a humanist - he believes human qualities are good - "He thought about the greedy priests who didn't help the poor people. Mam and Da afraid of what the neighbors would see, what the healer might report, what the teachers would think. In the colony, things were different. Nothing was locked up. People worked together. Parents held children in their arms. They hugged each other for Sky's sake." Taemon believes in the innate "good" within every human being. He also feels that the world has gone awry and something needs to change in order to help people regain their focus on what really matters - "Could he stop rewarding greed and pride and motivate people to help one another?" Yens Yens is willing to do anything to win - "The first time Taemon's brother tried to kill him was the night Uncle Fierre came over with his unisphere" Yens is dangerous - to himself and others - "Worry tightened Taemon's chest. Yens was determined to seek out danger in more ways than one. And no matter what the goal was, Yens always scored." Yens is greedy, angry, and jealous - a dangerous combination - "Yens's eyes were wild. His hands were clenched into fists. The cords on his neck stood out. "You. Are not. The True Son." His words came out between panting breaths." One chooses less while the other battles to prove he is more. Taemon is sent to the colony were he discovers his many gifts and learns balance and respect while Yens goes to the palace where he is manipulated for greed and power. KNOWLEDGE IS STOLEN Taemon returns to Deliverance to find a world he never imagined, even in his worst nightmares. Prison, torture, death and destruction. PEACE. At all costs. Internal Conflict Taemon faces an internal struggle - he has the power but is afraid to use it. He fears it is wrong and dangerous External Conflict
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