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Influence of colour


jeremy tan zengxiang

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Influence of colour

MOOD Colour affects our mood
Colour personality
Pyschologically Food Colour on taste
Colour on flavour
Colour affects food choices Marketing Encourages you to buy
Colour of stores and banners
Online marketing attracts attention Influences of Colour. Is a way our eyes receive light... The brain processes the colour .. interaction of lights. Everybody know what colours are... but do you know What they do? What is Colour? A physiologist green-or-red blue-or-yellow Test subjects were divided into two groups: a young adult group and an elderly group. The subjects were given cherry-flavored drinks that differed in sweetness and the amount of red colouring.

Color did affect flavor intensity, especially in the older group. Subjects reported that drinks with more red color tasted stronger.
Color did affect flavor quality (how "true" it tested like cherry).
Changes in color made people think the flavor of the drink was different. perception on the food is important in a way in which allow us to know whether the food is right or not. Subjects were between 20-25 years old. Five different sweetness levels and five different colors of lemon and lime drinks were used.

As the color of a drink became more intense, people reported that the drink became more sweet. the density of and strength of colour on food. the surroundings and the food itself can have an affect on what we eat. 90 percent of decision making on food is based on colour alone.
It is not only about the colour of the food but also the surrounding area.
Studies on restaurants. vs red yellow Stimulates apetite Stimulates a wanting to spend notice the menu? Colour on the surroundings
soothing cool colour I WANT TO STAY!!!
longer... Attractive colours Crocs blue secure and trustworthy wealth using dark and light orange to attract attention of the buyer. other examples of colour and logos colour affect the way we feel and our behaviours red gives courage and strength, but to much will lead to aggresssion
orange provides warmth and cheerfulness, but combined with black leads to frustration
green is harmonious feel, but with a side of boredom
blue leads to intelligence and coldness too. red
increase pulse rate
lifts up mood
favourable colour for formal wear blue
slower pulse rate
calm down nerves
cooling colour (offices)
A colour which enlargest. vs the way the colours make us think
light colours make a room look brighter
an office or study area with cool colours
a yellow background with black type At least one of these colors is found in the flag of every nation In 1992, NOKIA was the first cellular phone company to come out with phones of different colour. fun facts fun facts According to poetry experts, nothing rhymes with either of the words "orange" or "purple." You are welcome to prove them wrong. fun facts references list:
http://psy.fgu.edu.tw/web/wlchou/general_psychology/class_pdf/Advanced%20Perceptual/2011/2011week4_ChengChung_paper.pdfhttp://daddu.net/the-power-of-colors/ Erwald Hering Conclusion!
We cannot be separated from colour nor can it be seperated from us. It affects us both physically and mentally. Q&A anybody? Jeremy Tan Zengxiang
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