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Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

No description

Rebecca Medeiros

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

Music as Social Commentary
Poetic Devices

"Perfection is a disease of a nation."
"Bigger is better, Thinner is better."
"You left a shattered mirror and the shards of a beautiful past."

"Crown, down."
"Perfection, nation."
"Bed, shed."
Pretty Hurts by Beyonce

By: Rebecca & Robyn
"It's the soul that needs a surgery."
Themes & Key Ideas

People think that they have to look a certain way, so badly that they start to change how they look drastically. In the end, they are only hurting themselves. Being pretty hurts.
Title Explanation
• People try to change how they look
• They end up hurting themselves on the outside trying to look pretty
• They also hurt on the inside
• They forget who they are, trying to change how they look and end up hurting on the inside

Important Symbols

"Down, down, down."
"Pretty hurts."
"Are you happy with yourself?"

"Perfection is a disease of a nation."
"Plastic smiles."

"Shine the light on whatever's worse."

"TV says.."
"Vogue says.."

"Brush you hair, fix your teeth."
"Blonder hair, flat chest."
"South beach, sugar free."
"Blonder hair, flat chest
Tv says 'Bigger is bigger'
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says 'Thinner is better"
• Social media create stereotypes
• People are pressured to look like celebrities, look “perfect”
• They have to look a certain way to be considered pretty

• You don’t need to change on the outside
• If you want to change, change inside not the outside
• Don’t think you have to change how you look to be pretty
• We need to change our thinking of what “pretty” is

"You left with shattered mirrors and the shards of a beautiful past."
• If you keep changing you won’t have anything left but a shattered image of yourself
• Stop changing how you look

"We shine the light on whatever's worst."

• The worst is like darkness and the light is the good
• Shine light in a dark place
• Make something bad good
• We try to find the worse in people

Key Ideas:
• Don’t change what’s on the outside
• Change what’s on the inside
• Not everyone can look like models or celebrities
• You don’t need to be thin to be beautiful
• Feel beautiful in the skin that you’re in

Success in Conveying Message
• Very successful
• Send a strong message to women of all ages to feel beautiful the way they are
• Gives examples of the way we see the stereotypical “beautiful’ girl
• Music video show the behind the scenes of what a girl has to go through to be “pretty”
• Sings about how it feels changing on the outside and inside

Stereotypical perfection
Looking in the mirror and
not seeing yourself
"Shine the light on
whatever's worse"
"Ain't no doctor or pill
that can take the pain away"
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