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Domestic Robot

No description

Salma Florencio

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Domestic Robot

Domestic Robot The domestic robot does household and human chores such as cleaning up, doing laundry, picking up toys and clothes. What task does the robot perform? The Domestic Robot is used at home and
It has 32 degrees of freedom Where is this robot used?
How many degrees of freedom does it have? There are various types of domestic robots. so for example the hug, its a robotic hugger and it also calls people .
The Wakamaru is also a domestic robot that is multi-functional it provides companionship, or function as a caretaker and house sitter. What other tasks can it perform? Most of the robots are self controlled, you just need to recharge them and then it can to its duty.
But the others are remote controlled by the inventors How is the robot taught to perform its task? What sensors does it have? Once you turn on the robot, it maps the whole room to see where it can go and what boundaries it has so it doesn't bump into things. Advantages- Easier cleaning for people with disabilities, and for people who dont have time to clean Advantages and disadvantages Disadvantages- It could take up space, supplying power for it and expensive Impacts on the domestic robot They provide extra free time for people, cleaning is becoming a domain for home robotics It doesn't really provide jobs, it actually takes away jobs from house keepers, care takers,maids, and other household jobs because it can clean, do laundry, cut grass so there is no need for those people What types of jobs/ careers does it provide? *Extra free time the robot will bring
*Ordinary tasks like vacuuming and cleaning are slowly becoming the domain of household robots
*Household robots will take away jobs from maids
*New task they might learn in the future is folding clothes, washing, and cleaning windows because scientists are already working on those tasks The tasks that this robot may alter in the future is...
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