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Service Design Project

The prezi illustrates the the process of a service design project composed of two workshops.

Can Aslan

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Service Design Project


Workshop 1
Part 1: Introduction
About Service Design
Project Summary
5 min
Part 2: Exploration
Problem Finding
Grouping of Findings
Selection of Problem(s)
40 mins
Part 3: Ideation
Idea Grouping
Ideation: Part 2
Idea Selection (Personal)
Card Matching (Technology, Service)
Idea Evaluation
Deciding On The Idea For Prototyping
Workshop 2:
Part 1: Conception
Introduction to Workshop 2
Setting the Goals
Short individual brainstorm on the ideal or expected service usage
Tools introduction
Concept sketching/building
30 mins
Part 2: Prototyping
Introduction to prototyping formats
Sub-Group forming
Presentation of results
Service staging using prototypes
60 mins
Part 3: Service Blueprint
50 mins
3 hrs
60 mins
50 mins
3 hours
60 mins
Presentation of results
Project Reflection
15 mins
20 mins
Talking about the overall project, reflecting on what participants have learned, thought and noticed.
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