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Gareth Oughton

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Membership Services:
New Strategy Response

Activities & Volunteering
NaSTAs & SRA Gold Chart Show
12000 events assisted
3000 volunteering projects supported
£70k raised for charity

Cross Department
Research & Representation
45.67% democratically engaged
8 Visions for the future of education
Sector leading work on GTAs
Advice Unit
Over 3,000 enquries per year
Regional student employer of the year
98.5% satisfaction rating
But Enough Of Me...
What's missing?

What are YOUR priorities?

What's less important/irrelevant?
Student Voice
Collaborative campaigning

Improved SSLC link ups

Demonstrating impact on retention
Strategic Partnerships
Further relations with admissions

Enhanced relationship for local-level College advice

High Quality & Efficient Space
Additional space - planning

Space in Colleges at key points

Better use of Forum Street
Participation & Engagement
Using member data to help new ideas

Develop peer:peer advice services

Targeted projects for student parents, student carers, p/t students, students at home (etc)
Sustainable Finances
Continued development of OFFA work

College funding for specific projects

Gain sponsorship for schemes such as the Housing campaign & Money week
Quick-hit social media usage

Feedback to inform development

Advice as a Guild unit

Website as a meaningful advice tool
Student Voice
Developing College-level visions

Improved report-outs on SSLC success

Quantifying the impact of our academic representation
Strategic Partnership
Build relations with GW4

Academic & campaigning societies

FXU - online training, materials, etc
Better use of volunteer surveys

Sharing all departmental wins

Build on the HYS Hub successes of 12/13
High Quality Spaces
Fit for purpose space, at the heart of the Guild

Lobby for bookable space for reps in departments
Participation & Engagement
Target halls, societies, courses for engagement drives

Online 'how-to' guides and training sessions for all opportunities

Reward & recognition for volunteers
Sustainable Finances
DARO & project funding for the ISC

Recruit headline sponsors for Teaching Awards, Fruni, Elections & Diversity Week
Student Voice
Further empower societies executive

Campaigning and subject societies

Improved X-Media relations
Strategic Partnerships
Discipline based volunteering

Build on Morgan Stanley pilot for CA

Rory & community impact

Community partners & CVS

Demonstrate A&V impact on volunteers - engaged and unengaged

Reflect the fact A&V teams are Guild

Ensure the Guild site opportunities are maximised

Participation & Engagement
Smarter use of data for impact

Address areas of engagement through specific, targeted projects

Place FUN at the heart of the team
Sustainable Finances
Use data to draw additional funding

Diversify external funders

Improve DARO relations further
High Quality Spaces
Ensure A&V Space ages well

Maximize seating opportunities

Tightly monitor the CH situation and impact on student bookable spaces

Implement overhauled room booking

Collegiate Working
Making the best of the experiences at a local level:
R&R and data
A&V and volunteer experience
Advice and student welfare
Cross-Campus & Local
Recognising different students engage with the Guild at different points.

Maximising the opportunities at a local level for engagement
Pay, Reward & Recognition
Review roles, competency framework & payscales

Volunteer audit - how do THEY want to be recognised and rewarded?

Launch, Launch!
Improved capture in A&V and Advice

Share to improve other dept. offerings

Report out externally

Financial gain - DARO....?
Staff Learning & Development
Invest in external resource

Build virtual networks (GW4?)

Capturing who has done what

Making most of internal expertise
Already shared work between the team and FXU, but we need more

Filmed training

Simple, non-location tied training materials online
Build on political successes recently

Maximise volume of the student voice

Better demonstrate the positive impacts of students

Help fight ASB in partnership
International Offering
Integration, not just separate activity (...although, don't force it!)

Ring-fenced funding for integration activity (when societies funding is at an enhanced level)

Postgraduate Offer
Fight for the GTA issues we're seeing

Use local knowledge to root out supervisor & space issues

Commission research into the value of the 'loss-leading' PG community
High-impact Campaigns
Inter-department intelligence

Outputs, outcomes, impacts
Have Your Say
Drive organisational improvements through the system

Build on the superb engagement levels with motions last year
Thanking you.
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