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"Barn Burning" SS 4.16.13

No description

Dana Morris

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of "Barn Burning" SS 4.16.13

English 152
April 16, 2013 "Barn Burning"
William Faulkner Socratic Seminar:
Preparation -

1. Journal prompt
2. Preparation WS Final Thoughts: Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper. This will prepare you for the Socratic seminar, a open discussion between us as a group. The Rules:
Each student must participate
I will keep track of participation and key points
Listen carefully
Be respectful
Base all opinions on the text
Address comments to the group; please no side conversations
Do not interrupt others
Be courageous in presenting your thoughts and reasoning! Socratic Seminar: The story is usually referred to having a theme of a moral dilemma - that of Sarty, the young protagonist; however, there is more to this story...

1. Describe the buildings in the story, their presentation, and importance.
2. What are the possessions of the Snopes family? How are they described and what significance do they have?
3. Describe the differences in the characters' wealth?
4. What crimes against property is Abner guilty of before the events in the story? During the time? What punishments result?
5. What is ownership in this story? How does it materialize?
6. What are the story's implications regarding the "American Dream" and the ideal of the US as the land of opportunity and justice? Mandatory Discussion Points: 1. What have you learned during the seminar?

2. What are you still confused about?

3. Do you think a resolution to the conflicts Sarty has faced has been reached? Explain. Will Sarty's life get better? How? Conclusion: Foils: characters who contrast with another character (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character
Usually differs drastically or is extremely similar but with a key difference
Mr. Harris, justice of the peace, Major de Spain

Stock Characters: fictional characters based on a common literary or social stereotype. Rely heavily on cultural types or names for personalities, manner of speech, and other characteristics
Exaggerate stereotypes
Major de Spain's staff, Abner's wife, the Snopes sisters

1. How would you describe Faulkner's writing in this short story?

2. What confused you in the text?

3. What stood out to you in the text?

4. Who do you think is the primary character in the text?

Complete the preparation worksheet....
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