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Pd4- Ethan Kolb

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Pd4- Ethan Kolb

Mesopotamian life you might not know? or do you know? Gilgamesh Rich, Poor, or Middle Class what? The two rivers that feed water to the village are named ? Is the ruler of Mesopotamia or I mean was the king of that kingdom. Mesopotamia Cuneiform Is the first language in the world that could be written down on stone. The homes in Mesopotamian were made of brick and mud. The houses Ziggurat A ziggurat was a temple located in the center of the town.
only priests could go to the top of the temple. Inventions They made the wheel and the shepherd's pipe. Land between to rivers is the greek meaning. Most people in the Mesopotamia times were poor, but they worked for money to pay taxes, and feed there family. What they looked like??? They would look like a different person today to you. Tigris Euphrates How long AGO was this time you may keep asking ? Mesopotamian time was... you ready......... 3000 BC 1012 BC or Would you have liked to have lived during this time frame? Yes or no? Thank you for watching!
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