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A National ID Card by Stealth? The BC Services Card

Dr. Kate Milberry, BC Information Summit, Sept. 19, 2012, Vancouver, BC

Kate Milberry

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of A National ID Card by Stealth? The BC Services Card

BC Information Summit 2012
University of British Columbia A National ID Card by Stealth?
The BC Services Card Faculty of Extension
University of Alberta Kate Milberry, PhD Key Drivers It's the database, stupid La Fin
(merci) Kate Milberry, PhD
www.geeksandglobaljustice.com Payment card industry Banking industry Technology credential providers
card manufacturer
hardware manufacturers New FIPA research shows a dramatic increase in the number of general FOI requests returned with ‘no responsive records' in last 10 years
FIPA's complaint to Information and Privacy Commissioner: "overall non-responsive rates jumped from effectively zero in the 2002-03 fiscal to approximately 23% in 2011-12."
Non-responsive FOI requests from media organizations went from 0% (2002-03) to 34% (2011-12)
Non-responsive FOI requests from political parties went from 0% (2002-03) to 21% (2011-12)
Non-responsive FOI requests from interest groups went from 0.05% (2002-03) to 18% (2011-12)
http://fipa.bc.ca/home/news/332 Freedom of Information requests FIPA's initial request for information resulted in:
May 2011 ICBC
600 heavily redacted pages
May 2011 Ministry of Health
Zero records released
Responded two days before deemed refusal hearing
claimed everything to be cabinet documents, advice to the minister, or would harm the economic interests of the province or a 3rd party FIPA's subsequent requests
July 2012: Update FOI to MoHS
Fee demand of $1590 just to retrieve the records, after request revised
Fee waiver request submitted
July 2012: Update FOI to ICBC
Awaiting reply/records
July 2012: FOI re OCIO communication with SecureKey
$9000 possible fee demand
Severed request to just CIO personally >> No fees because no records
Revised request >> $5600 fee Pan-Canadian Strategy for Identity Management & Authentication Rationales Crime prevention/reduction
Efficiency (cost savings)
Convenience SecureKey
cloud-based credential broker
$20M Contract with BC govt
Federal government contract = allow Canadians to use bank authentication credentials to obtain access to online government services Scotia Bank
TD Bank BC Services Card "features:
Contains no personal data
BUT has “Unique chip” that confirms identity
Contactless (requires use of card reader)
Security chip – similar to contactless Visa/Mastercard
PIN/passcode enabled
biometric photograph
“anti-forgery features” "A Pan-Canadian approach to identity management has been set as a priority by the Cabinet Secretaries and the payment card industry & BC is leading efforts in the design and implementation of the framework" ~ Advice to Premier Designate Federated Identity Management
A common set of policies, practices and protocols that manage the identity and trust of users and devices across organizations.
Rationale: Identity is a key enabler of the "business of government"
Need: framework that facilitates "seamless and coordinated service delivery across jurisdictions and anywhere-anytime access..." (Federating ID Management in the Government of Canada)
Goal: "client-centred, cross-jurisdictional, multi-channel service delivery for citizens and businesses" (Pan-Canadian Strategy for IdM&A) Rolling out over 5 years (deadline: Nov. 30, 2017).
“Will provide easy access to many other provincial government programs”
“Personal information will only be disclosed to government agencies at the time you access a service with your card.”
Records will not be shared across agencies providing services unless authorized by law
Access to online records “protected” = requires presentation of card + passcode
$150 million price tag One-year research project
Funded by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Contributions Program
BC Civil Liberties Association
Andrew Clement, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto Care Card + BC ID Care Card + Driver's License
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