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Creating an Effective Resume & Cover Letter

This will help students learn how to write resumes, teach students what employers are looking for on a resume, and introduce programs that will assist the student in creating a resume as well as a cover letter.

Delicia Lewis

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Creating an Effective Resume & Cover Letter

Delicia Lewis
Assistant Director of Career Management Services

Creating an Effective Resume
Cover Letter


Delicia Lewis, Assistant Director

Purpose of a resume

Preparing to write your resume

Resume content areas

Resume format

Use of keywords & action verbs

What to include and exclude

Cover letters
A resume is a self-marketing tool designed to “sell” your qualifications to employers

A resume is a one (or two for highly qualified candidates) page summary of your education, skills, experience and accomplishments

A resume is your introduction to the employer and where you make your first impression

A resume gets you the interview so you can get the job
Contact information
Objective or Summary of Qualifications
Research or Projects
Related Experience / Employment Experience
Volunteer Experience
Activities & Honors / Professional Memberships
Resume Content - Basic Section Titles
Summary of intent

Changes with every position

Keep it brief and to the point

To obtain x position with y company
Name and location of college/university

Degree obtained (written out)

Date of graduation

Your major, minor and/or concentration

GPA (if above 3.0); can list major GPA or last 60 hours

Related Coursework

Don't include high school information


Phone Number


Use updated contact info

Use appropriate e-mail and voicemail
List your job title, the employer's name, city, and state.

Related skills, responsibilities, and results of your actions.

Experience can include work, internships, volunteer experience, and leadership positions.

Strong action verbs


No personal pronouns.

Emphasize transferable skills: team work, leadership, customer service, communication, and work ethic.
Highlight activities closely related to your career goals and/or needs of the employer

List professional affiliations

Leadership Roles, Volunteer Positions

List honors which indicate your strong academic abilities or relate to the mission of the employer

Scholarships, Dean's List, etc.

Field Specific Awards/Honors
Do include all relevant experience
Do use a legible font face and size (Times New Roman, 10 to 12pt.
Do include enough white space to allow for skimming
Do use bulleted lists
Do try to stick to one page unless you are a skilled professional
Don’t include your SSN, Photo, Marital Status, etc
Don’t use more than two fonts
Don’t put references on the resume – create a separate sheet
Don’t use excessive bold face/italics or an ink color other than black
Opportunity to introduce yourself to the employer

Provide enhanced details about your qualifications

Point out specific experiences which make you an excellent fit for the position

A cover letter does not need to be lengthy and should not exceed one page
Paragraph#1: How you learned about the job?
Identifying your source of information about the job.
Paragraph #2: Why you are interested?
Address the reasons you are motivated.
Paragraph #3: How you are qualified?
Opportunity to relate your qualifications to the various skills the employer has outlined in the position description.
Paragraph #4: What steps you plan to take to be considered?
Summarize your interst in the position, show appreciation, indicate contact information for further information, and take responsibility for following up.
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