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Shatter Me (Independent Reading)

No description

Sarah Amgad

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Shatter Me (Independent Reading)

Title: Shatter Me
Author: Taherah Mafi
Setting: In the Future, a post pocoliptic America. An asylum, then sector 45, and lastly omega point.
Genre: Dystopian Fiction- Romance- Young Adult.
Character: Juliette Ferrars, Adam Kent, Aaron Warner, James Kent, Kenji Kishimoto, Winston, and Castle
Juliette hasn't touched anyone for 264 days. The last time she did she was trying to help a little boy, but ended up killing him. No one cared that it was an accident because she gets locked in an asylum for murder. One day she gets a roommate named Adam Kent. They become friends and she helps him survive in the asylum.

Minor Character:
Kenji Kimoto:
He’s a twenty-year-old soldier in Warner’s army, and is friends with Adam. I think he is the funniest and most outgoing character in the book. This is his description in the book: “ A defiant jaw. Perfect eyebrows. Eyes as pitch- black as his hair. Sleek. Strong. A bit dangerous.” Page 295. In the end of the book, you figure out he has powers, he can become invisible.
This is what I think he looks like:

Main Character:
Juliette Ferrars:
The book is based on Juliette. Juliette is a girl who was neglected her whole life. This is her description from the book: “My face is thinner, paler, my cheekbones higher than I remember them, my eyebrows perched above 2 wide eyes not blue not green but somewhere in between. My lips are too pink. My teeth are unusually straight.” page 176. Juliette is a shy girl because she never really had friends. She is kind-hearted and thoughtful because even though people always made fun of her, threw rocks at her, and kicked her she never hated them she only hated herself. She always put people before herself. She loves nature, and one of the only things that give her peace and hope is a dream about a bird. She has always wanted to see one (because they are very rare in the book).
The picture below is what I think Juliette looks like:

Done by: Sarah Amgad Attia 8a
Independent Reading
Vocabulary Word:
Lackadaisical (page 26)
(Adj.) Careless, indifferent.
Languid, abstracted, limp.
Active, interested, and energetic.
Vocabulary Word:
Ostracized (page 70)
(Adj.) Banished.
Blackballed, ignored, and shunned.
Attacked, liked, and loved.
Vocabulary Word:
Superfluous (page 72)
(Adj.) Extra, unnecessary.
Excessive, abounding, and spare.
Reasonable, needed, and useful.
Vocabulary Word:
Regurgitation (page 166)
Vomiting, qualm, and offense.
Liking, loving, and kindness.
Vocabulary Word:
Psychokinesis (page 311)
(Noun) the supposed ability to move objects by mental effort alone.
Mind control, and wizardly.
Unmoving, and normal.
The Theme
Their are many themes in the book but the main ones are:
Don't lose hope.
Always fight for survival.
Listen to the full story before judging.
Appreciate everything.
The bird symbolizes hope and freedom in the book.
“No one should have to wake up in the morning and find dead bodies in their living room, but things like that happens. We deal with it, we find a way to survive. You’re not the only one with problems.” Page 244.
“My body is a carnivorous flower, a poisonous houseplant, a loaded gun with a million triggers and he’s more than ready to fire.” Page 121.
“I saw the world and its lack of compassion, its harsh, grating judgment, and its cold, resentful eyes. I saw it all around me.” Page 69.
“They don’t bother to be bothered by the beauty that falls from the sky. They don’t understand the freedom in feeling the universe on their skin. They don’t care.” Page 36
“I tried so hard to fix what I’d ruined. I tried every single day to be what they wanted. I tried all the time to be better but I never really knew how. I only know that the scientists are wrong. The world is flat. I know because I was tossed right off the edge and I’ve been trying to hold on for 17 years. I’ve been trying to climb back up for 17years but it’s nearly impossible to beat gravity when no one is willing to give you a hand.” Page 25.
Shatter Me
Later, Juliette figures out that Adam coming is just a set up. Turns out the leader of sector 45 wants to use her as a weapon and he wanted to test if she got insane from isolation. Warner has an obsession on Juliette.
While Juliette is in sector 45, she figures out that Adam can touch her and they fall in love. They plan an escape, but the day of the escape while Warner tries to stop her he touches her leg with his bare hands and figures out he is immune to her touch.
At the end of the book Kenji, a soldier for Warner and a friend of Adam, takes Juliette, Adam, and James (Adam's brother) to a safe house with people against the Reestablishment. These people have powers like Juliette. Juliette feels welcomed and happy that she's fighting for the right side.
The Reestablishment
The reestablishment is a government system in the book. This is one of the main issues I disagree with in the book. The reestablishment only cares about power and control. The reestablishment made survival impossible. The animals were poisoned because they had nothing clean to eat. Humans were barely surviving. They were always being killed. There were expectations to meet and if a person didn't meet those expectations they would be locked up in an asylum or dead.
The Reestablishment
This is a quote in the book about the reestablishment: "Convictions priorities preferences prejudices and ideologies divided us. Deluded us. Destroyed us. Selfish needs, wants, and desires needed to be obliterated. Greed, overindulgence, and gluttony had to be expunged from human behavior. The solution was in self- control, in minimalism, in sparse living conditions; one simple language and a brand- new dictionary filled with words everyone would understand. These things would save us, save our children, save the human race, is what they said." page 60
The Setting
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