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Who is EdBrooks.Co

Creative New Media Strategist > Social Platform Creator

Ed Brooks

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Who is EdBrooks.Co

Over the past 15 years prior to this presentation, I've infused myself into the following disciplines:


Graphic Design

Print & Video Production

Website Design

Mobile (WAP / APP) Design

Most recently:

Mobile & Social Integrated Platforms

Cause / Micro-Donation Platforms

3D Printing

Image Recognition

I am seeking a synergistic culture where I can contribute my acquired skills as a creative and strategic thinker. The value of the stock does not determine my willingness to contribute to that entity,
it's all about people and culture.

It has been a great journey to work on some of the best known U.S. brands. Equally extraordinary are the teams that welcomed my contribution. Below is my ecosystem of service both on the agency and client side.


It was 1999, I was 21 years old reading the WSJ on the
train headed to Grand Central. In a bold headline was
"Ireland's Celtic Tiger Creates Economic Boom".

I read more it became clear that I have the computer skills they were looking for in Dublin. I moved that next month and found a creative director in Temple Bar that hired me over a pint of Guinness. I stayed one year as a graphic designer / illustrator serving national and international brands like:
Ed's Hearing
Today, I have two ears along with array of digital listening tools for B2C and B2B information.
Real-time listening in a physical meeting or tracking a #hashtag is key in any media strategy.

I will often introduce relative articles to my team to evoke thought. In many initiatives I will introduce management to various consultants and new business professionals to add partnership value.

Information changes daily as local markets expand and contract; hearing is not enough. We must all listen and connect the dots accordingly.
How Ed Grows:
Ed's Past Energy:
I am a bold leader that embraces change within any company. I feel my strongest attribute is how I'm able to shift a challenge into a structured objective. Upon identifying the objective, I brainstorm with various teams to generate new media solutions.

The creative workforce is calling on new leaders who are able to manage people from creative process-to-profit. I am confident and ready to impact this new media workforce with a balanced approach of innovation and execution.


Creative executives are not afraid of expressing their perspectives through social media. Amplifying these authentic stories, post or tweets at such a level will boost morale and increase brand equity. I have a humble view on traditional and new media that inspires audience engagement, integration and measurability.

I look forward to using my social platforms to learn, make connections and inject creativity into your brand.
Ed's Vision
I dress like this everyday!
(that was a joke)
Vision becomes an opinion
when you stop taking action.
creative media strategist
Call Ed Brooks at: 917-822-7288
or visit us online at: edbrooks.co

reserve your
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