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No description

Honor O'Malley

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of julia

Osiris osiris is the ancient egypt god of the under world Osiris is the ancient Egyptian God of the Afterlife. Osiris was originally God of the Sun to replace his father's throne (Geb) and Geb could retire from being the chief God. Osiris became the God of the Afterlife when his brother Seth captured him and banished him to the underworld. He is known for being Geb and Nut's first child. He was important to Egypt because he made the people look forward to the afterlife. Osiris was shown with a crown of reeds and ostrich feathers.Also he carried a crook and a flail to show that he was the king of the after life. Isis was heart broken and immediately set off to find him. Isis told her sister Nepthes what had happened, so they both wanted to find her husband.  Seth found the Sarcophagus before her and then he began to tear Osiris' body apart.  He tore apart his arms, legs, head, and brain.  He put them all in different places. A God can only marry a Goddess. Osiris decided to marry his younger sister Isis who was the Goddess of Magic. They then shared the throne and ruled Egypt together. A few years later Seth (Osiris's brother) got jealous of Osiris being the King of Egypt.  That night Seth threw a big party.  At the party there was a beautiful Sarcophagus.  Seth promised that whoever could fit in the Sarcophagus would be allowed to keep it, but Seth made sure it would only fit Osiris.  That night when Osiris tried to fit in it, Seth slammed it shut and nailed it shut tightly.  Then he threw the Sarcophagus into the Nile River to be swept away. report by : Julia Rotando Isis quickly went of to look for all of Osiris' body parts so when she found him she could put the body parts back together.  After she put them together she made him alive and was happy again.  Nepthes (Isis' sister) got really mad at Seth because he locked his own brother in a chest and tried to kill him.  They got into a huge fight and never spoke or saw each other again.                                                                   Osiris' brother Horus helped Isis find Osiris and try to kill Seth. Then Horus and Seth fought and Horus lost his eye while fighting. Horus was the God of the War and the Sky. he had the head of the falcon with also was his favorite bird, and the body of a human. After they fought they never spoke ever again. Osiris is known today as being the Green God of the Afterlife, also the son of Ged and Nut and the King of Ancient Egypt. As you can now tell he was all of these things and much more. 6'c 6'C
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