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David Sedaris

No description

Ella G.

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of David Sedaris

- Born in Binghamton New York, December 26th 1956 and grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina in a Greek Orthodox family
- currently lives in West Sussex, England
- discovered by Ira Glass and began his career on NPR's "This American Life, and "Morning Edition" with his essay "SantaLand Diaries."
- currently has nine books composed of short stories and essays
"Go Carolina" Analysis of Themes and Rhetorical Devices
: In "Go Carolina," Sedaris chronicles his struggle with a speech impediment during his childhood, communicating the motif of language, but in a topical sense, the miscommunication of language and the conflict that arises from his attempts to stave off disaster by deliberately avoiding words that would highlight his lisp.

Rhetorical Techniques
"War against the letter s”
(Internal conflict
“On the days I was absent, I imagined she addressed the room, saying, “David’s not here today, but if he were, he’d have a speech therapy session at two-thirty
” (Hyperbole)

"Us and Them" Analysis
In Sedaris’ “Us and Them” Sedaris discusses the damaging effect of technology on family life when he compares his neighbors, the Tomkeys, to his own family.

Rhetorical Techniques:
(juxtaposes Tomkey and
Sedaris family lifestyles)
: "Don't Be Greedy" sign on the Tomkey's door; a young Sedaris, urged by his mother to share his candy with the Tomkey children, instead begins recklessly consuming it all
Direct Address
“You should look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself;”
Sedaris' mother implores both the reader and a young Sedaris to reevaluate their decisions

Presented by Ella Gonzalez
David Sedaris:
("Go Carolina")
("Us and Them")
("Chicken Toenails

In "Chicken Toenails Anyone?" Sedaris chronicles his experience in China, in both culinary and cultural terms.
Rhetorical Techniques:
"I have to go to China." I told people this in the way I might say, "I need to insulate my crawl space" or, "I've got to get these moles looked at."
Rhetorical Question
: “And why agree to eat this animal and not that one?;"
Sedaris on the strange eating habits he has observed in China, including a
"dish was made entirely of organs, which again had been hacked beyond recognition,"
and rooster blood that he
"thought it would be liquid, like V8 juice, but when cooked it coagulated into little pads that had the consistency of tofu."

"Chicken Toenails Anyone?" Analysis
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