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Developing Leadership Skills in Middle School Girls

Educating middle school girls to develop leadership skills and fostering a sense of confidence within them is a positive step towards creating capable female leaders for tomorrow, their future.

Tammy Rees-Davies

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Developing Leadership Skills in Middle School Girls

Year 7:
Team Building and Resilience Training

Year 8:
Building self-awareness

The Middle of the Middle
Promoting and Developing Leadership Skills and Opportunities in the Middle School

Year 9:
Leaning In

Pastoral Program
Ravenswood girls are encouraged to
discover their potential and grow their gifts, talents and skills
through a range of activities both within and outside the classroom. They are also encouraged to
value the gifts, talents and skills of others
. On this foundation, they can
be confident in who they are and what they can offer the world.
Girls are provided with learning opportunities that not only develop academic knowledge and understanding, but also
provide girls with life-long learning skills
. Ravenswood works to nurture knowledge and learning skills development, but also stretches girls to develop these skills in areas outside their natural gifting.
Ravenswood girls are encouraged to be caring. The school seeks to foster an ethos where students are led to
not only care for themselves but to also care about others.
Girls are not only encouraged to care about standards of behaviour and performance, but
are provided with experiences and opportunities to understand the privilege that they enjoy
and to care about the needs of others who do not share this privilege
Foundations for the Future
“In offering girls an education that will provide them with foundations for their future we believe that we are preparing them for the rest of their lives. Ravenswood provides the opportunities for young women to develop their potential, their confidence and their thinking so that they are well-equipped
to take their place in today’s global society.”

Strategic Plan 2011-15
Event Coordination
What is my purpose?
Year 9 Camp
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Cadets Promotions Course
The school core values are visited each term via journal entries and interclass creative competitions.
Pastoral programme:
Core Values
Camp programme
Camp is a time of team-building, challenging yourself and experiential learning
Success Stories
Captain Christine Walsh
Boeing test pilot
Role Models- STEM Tour
Marissa Mayer President & CEO
Forbes Magazine’s 32nd most powerful woman
Sheryl Sandberg
Forbes Magazine’s 6th most powerful woman

Julie Larson-Green, Corporate VP

Junior promotions - practical and theoretically assessed - assessment determines rank given
Run by the students for the students
Cadets lead peers through planning and execution of lessons
Significant leadership roles have been achieved
Plate up the Positives
First girls’ school on the North Shore of Sydney to offer Cadets to its students from Years 8–12.
Joining forces with the Cadet Unit at Knox Grammar School
Gives scope outside the classroom to develop social skills with boys, social service skills and outdoor skills.
Creative Curriculum
Exploring the Big Questions
Mind Body & Soul Day
Youth voice
Classical: leader dominance through respect and or power to control/command

Transactional: interpersonal influence over and consideration of the followers

Visionary: Emotion- leader inspires followers

Organic: Mutual sense-making within the group. leaders may emerge rather than be formally appointed. Avery.G (2004)
Leadership for Girls
Future Directions
Pastoral Program
“While academic achievement is a consistently high priority, development of the whole person is also a key goal. Our aim is for girls to be

Orientation day-October
Years 6/9 transition program
January First Day
Years 7/10 dance

Redefining Leadership

Research :
Change It Up! What Girls Say About Redefining Leadership
By Judy Schoenberg, Ed.M. (2008).

Leadership is highly idealized ... [does] not seem attainable
*Preferred definitions of leadership imply personal principles, ethical behaviour, and the ability to effect social change.
*Girls experience fears and inhibitions about social acceptance more acutely
*External barriers in the general environment still exist for girls and young women.
*Opportunities + Experiences + Support = New Girl Leaders
*Girls Have a Range of Leadership Identities

Central questions

How do girls perceive leadership?
What do we need to know in order to support the next generation of female leaders?
Will the leadership experiences of girls today translate into leadership roles for them tomorrow?

Building sense of self: who am I? Who am I becoming?
Self worth
Risk taking
My place and responsibilites in the world
What do I beleve in ?
Building a good reputation
Young Leaders' Conference
Youth Participation
Overcoming challenges
Realisation of potential
Experiential learning
Facing fears and inhibitions
Supporting others
Self-reliance and Initiative
Youth Driven
Youth Action
Independent research
Guided inquiry
Deep research
Collaborative groupwork
Respond to Challenges
Analytical & Creative skills
Working with others
Challenging negative body image
Making healthy choices
Increasing self-confidence
Healthy mind, healthy body
Rejecting bad role models
Confidence building habits
Social acceptance
Personal growth
Building positive self esteem
Peer Mediation
Strengthening of transition programme
Defined leadership positions in Middle School
Embedding the leadership programme into
the Middle School Philosophy
Review of camp programme
Year 8 Camp
Challenge by choice
Building of a tightly knit year group
Reaching new
If we invest in girls, we invest in the future
Emergence of leaders

Effective Middle School Learning Practices
Mentor groups/ Core classes
Year 7 classes are organised around the integrated English/History program. The English/History teachers become the mentors for the Year 7 pastoral program.
Self awareness
Personal Challenges
Global citizens
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