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College Read Media

Media on Inkheart

Kyle Morphis

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of College Read Media

Inkheart Book Review Kyle Morphis The book starts off with a Father referred to as mo and his daughter meggie. Mo is a bookbinder who collects many books and fixes them. His daughter Meggie loves reading books just like her father. Basic Info. The Plot One night when Meggie was very young Mo and Meggies mother were reading a book called Inkheart to Meggie when all of a sudden a couple of people show up out of nowhere but Mo didn't realize they were characters out of the book he read. But when they ran off with the copy of the book Mo realized that his wife had dissapeared into the pages of the story. Plot continued... Now it is years later and Meggie is a teenager and one night a mysterious stranger shows up at the house. It is one of the people read out of the book but he is not one of the bad guys. He is looking for Mo's help to get home back in the book. But Mo does not have a copy of the book so he and Meggie set off to look
for it. When they find it there is trouble behind it an evil character from the
book named capricorn. But Capricorn is determined to make Mo read treasure and an evel creature out of the book. Now Mo and Meggie must run for their lives but somehow find out how to put everyone back inside the book so they look for the author of the book. Themes This book is full of themes of and how they won't give up to set things right again.
It is also full of and

This book is a good read for anybody who loves danger and adventure. I recomend this book to everybody as a good read.

I rate it an 8/10 because it keeps you reading but can be a long book. Family Betrayal Adventure
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