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Louis Rabinowitz

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of ESKIMO!

A Eskimo Creation Myth Based in Canada By, Louis Rabinowitz 1.Sedna was a young woman. 2.She had refused all suitors. 3.Until a man in a boat lured her with promises of good life. 4.She did not know that he was a bird spirit. 5.When she found out she got very depressed 6.Her father came to save her. When he arrived the bird spirit was hunting. 7.He left with her, but there was a big storm 8.Out of fear he threw Sedna into the ocean. 9.She hung on to the boat. 10.He cut her hands 3 times. 11.The first cut became seals, the second became deep sea seals, and the third walruses. In: The Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Characters:
Brother (moon)
Young woman (Sun) A young woman was visited every day during the night. She did not know who was visiting her. So she painted her breasts with soot. The next day she saw her brother had soot on his mouth She got very mad. She grabbed a burning hot brand Then she chased her brother. He tried to hide ,but eventually ran into the sky. He became the moon. She chased him and became the Sun, and the stars are the brands sparks. Thats why the sun is always chasing the Moon. Major gods: Agloolik God of fishing Anguta Brings souls to the underworld Aningan Moon Irdlirvirisissong Demon Sedna God of sea creatures Sun TEKKEITSERTOK God of earth and dear TORNGASAK
God of all good Bibliography
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