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The 13 colonies


Ashley Perez

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The 13 colonies

The Middle Colony
Ashley Perez Which European Country and why did they leave their home????? What was daily life in the Middle Colonies??????? What did the Middle Colonies do for a living???? My Map The European country that settled there was the English. They left because thay wasnted religious freedom, and also to have more money to have a better life. The people in the middle colonies lived in houses that were used for everything such as: work, play, and visiting places. Families usually contained at least 7 children aunts uncles and grandparents. Slaves rarely lived with families. The father was the head of the family and the mother was his helper. What they would do to make a living is mostly farm. For example: fruits, corn, and other vegetables. Here is a picture of the middle colonies in the purple Middle Colony The Middle Colony is in the eastern part of the United States * Some of the states that are located in the middle colony....... * New York * New Jersey * Pennsylvania * Delaware http://video.about.com/americanhistory/Learn-About-the-13-American-Colonies.htm This is a video about the 13 Colonies 1638 1682 1664 1664 * New Neatherlands 1626 What are the important cities???? The houses were usually mad from mud and wood. They would also trade with the Southern Colonies. The important cities were..... New York, Pennsylvania, Deleware, and New Jersey New York Deleware List of Sources Used Pictures- google
Facts- found some on the websites about 13 colonies worksheet

About how many people lived there???? The estimate was 173,600 people Thanks For Whatching!!!!!!! Have A Nice Day!!!!! =) <3 Facts The middle colonie had flat land, rich soil and a longer gowing season. They also had natural recources like iron ore The middle colonies were not as cohesive as New England colony because colonists in this religion were not united by single religigon or code of beliefs.
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