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Young Samurai: The Ring of Fire.

No description

Aritra Saha

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of Young Samurai: The Ring of Fire.

Young Samurai: The Ring of F re.
By: Chris Bradford.

The theme of this story is that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. They showed that many times in this story such as the time Miyuki asked Yuudai to grab Neko and hit her, but before he could even touch her, Neko landed a few strikes on his pressure points and he then fell. Also, Jack only had five other warriors alongside him (not counting crazy farmers and Neko) and any of them aren't even 17 yet. Whatsoever, they still managed to beat Akuma and his 40 or so bandits.
In the wintery days of 17th century Japan, the year 1614 to be exact. The main places in this story consist of the busy city of Okayama, which is quite a walk from the relaxing but poverty-filled village of Tamagashi. The story then later drifts towards Akuma' s hideout, which is a hidden valley deep within the mountains on the outskirts of Tamagashi.
Conflicts and Resolution:
In search for more samurai, Jack heads to Okayama. There, he finds his old friends Saburo and Yori and they join him. The three of them also find two more recruits: Hayato and Yuudai. Hoping they have enough, the five of them head back for Tamagashi. On their way, they end up recruiting Miyuki, Jack' s ninja friend, to help them. Despite their efforts, Junichi, the village leader, believes that they're too young to fight Akuma and his gang. However, once Yoshi, the village elder, makes them realize how cowardish the farmers are, Junichi begs them to stay and help, so they do.
While in the midst of all these preparations against Akuma, two of Akuma' s best bandits, named Nakamura and Sayomi, end up being scouts to see if anything goes on at Tamagashi. Once she sees them, Natsuko, Junichi' s mother, goes up to them and starts smacking Nakamura with her cane. In retaliation, Nakumura kicks as the two bandits head back without even noticing the rest of the farmers and samurai. As they leave , Jack, Miyuki, Hayato and Sora decide to follow them up the mountains into Akuma' s hideout. As they follow the two of them, unseen, the four of them come across a bear, a hungry one for that. The bear chases them, but at some point, Neko arrives and lures the bear towards her, only so that she could paralyze it in fear thus scaring off the bear. Once that's over with, the five of them now trek on towards Akuma' s hideout. After passing the avalanche zone, the five of them find a hidden valley: Akuma' s hideout.
In the middle of the pile of snow, Miyuki saw Jack sword, so she pulled it along with Jack, who was relieved to see fresh air after being trapped in there for a couple of minutes. Once Jack, Miyuki, Hayato, Neko, Sora and all the other little girls returned to the village (along with the horses and gunpowder) all the farmers were happy to see the girls return (except for Toge whose child and wife got killed during Akuma' s last raid). After jack' s injuries were healed, he saw that on one side of the barricade stood a bunch of samurai. He asked Yori where they came from, but that's when Jack noticed that they were all made of straw, just that they were covered in samurai armour. The following afternoon, the farmers finished constructing all the defenses. With that, Jack decided that he and his friends should going on night watch, just in case. On the day of the new moon, the alarm rang. Akuma had arrived.
Jack realizes that just four samurai, a monk and a ninja would certainly help against Akuma, but it's still a risk. That's why Jack enlists the help of everybody living in Tamagashi to help build some defences to protect the village. At the north, they built a barricade. In the forest entry, Miyuki and Neko put a bunch of invisible traps. At the east of Tamagashi, they cut down the bridge and weakened the ice. The farmers also put up a watchtower and a smoke beacon. Finally, at the south, they decided to flood the field. Also, they made a moat all around the village. Realizing they need some men at each post, the six warriors even started training the villagers to be able to defend themselves (even though they just end up being a bunch of crazy farmers with lethal weapons).
The five of them stop in front of Akuma's base, trying to stay unnoticed as they watched Akuma torture a poor, helpless old man. Once all the bandits went to bed or suffered from a hangover, the five somewhat warriors made their move. Sora and Neko set free the bandit's horses, Miyuki robbed the bandit's provisions and Hayato sets their bunkhouse on fire. However, Sora finds his daughter Miya and all the other girls that were kidnapped by Akuma in his last raid on Tamagashi, but they're all trapped in the bunkhouse. So, Jack goes in there and frees them, but while doing so, he wakes up one of the bandits who realizes that the bunkhouse is on fire and then later wakes up the rest of the bandits with his screaming. As all the little girls escaped, Jack gets caught up in a fight against Nakamura, but he narrowly escapes him as Akuma' s entire base gets covered in ashes and fire from the bunkhouse and snow and ice that fell from the avalanche zone, taking Jack with it.
-Neko, a young girl who' s also deaf and mute. She lost both her parents to Akuma, so the villagers of Tamagashi now take care of her, yet most still treat her like a slave even though she has the makings of a ninja/samurai.
-Jack Fletcher, the protagonist of this story and also the only person who isn't Japanese in this story, only because of the Shogun' s (dictator) decree saying that all foreigners are to be banned from Japan. As a blond and blue-eyed British teen, he' s also trained as a ninja and a samurai.
-Akuma, the antagonist of this story, is a truly heartless villain. Only caring about victory, him and his 40 or so bandits continue to rob the villagers of their rice, without much effort for that matter.
-Yori, a young monk who always finds a way to enlighten people with his peaceful thoughts and actions. Though he may be small in size, he' s always big in heart.
-Saburo, a somewhat chubby person who' s also one of Jack' s good friends. He isn't exactly the bravest person, but he did save Jack' s life... Again.
-Hayato, a fifteen year old bow and arrow user who has a calm and collected personality at first, but later grows to be impatient and short-tempered. Unfortunately, he dies at the end of the book.
-Miyuki, the only ninja in this book (aside Jack). She hates all samurai except Jack, only because he's trained as a ninja and the fact that he's saved her life and her village' s on various occasions before.
-Yuudai, though he may be young, he has the strength and height of a mountain, compared to most Japanese people, that is. He gets shot by multiple arrows and bullets, but he survives them all.
If this were to fall squook, it would make a big kaboomy sound.
It looks so much like the outskirts of Tamagashi squoogle, it feels like there should' ve been more people there... I blame O Chunks.
By the way squork, that's the title if you haven't noticed.
The characters of this book squoogle... They're not as "squirpy" as me.
Hi, I'm Squirps . You'll see a lot of me in this prezi (don't be afraid squoogle, I'm awesome).
The main idea of this story is that Jack, a foreigner to Japan, is trying to go to Nagasaki, so he could use one of the better from that port to go back home (England) and reunite himself with his sister, Jess. On the way there, he arrives at the village of Okayama, where three farmers (Toge, Sora and Kunio) request him to protect their village. So, Jack visits the farmer's village (Tamagashi), where the village leader, Junichi, forced him to get out of the village after finding out that Jack's a foreigner. He starts to head towards Nagasaki, but Neko drags him back to show that a house in the village is on fire. There's also a person stuck in there. Jack goes in the fire and saves the person (which was a baby) and gives the baby's parents the child. After seeing that rescue, Junichi asks him once more to stay and help. He agrees and stays, foreigner or not. However, he finds out that he has to protect the rice from the bandit leader Akuma and his 40 or so bandits. Nevertheless, Jack still stays.
You know squank, 40 bandits wouldn't be a problem if they just had my special Squirps Squirt Beam, squork.
It took a while, but a few hours after Nakamura' s death, the only bandit still standing was Akuma. Spotting Jack, the lone bandit charged at him, but couldn't even take two steps as the villagers kept impaling him with spears, which led to his death. Along with that piece of happy news, Jack also found out that Neko survived the ring of fire. A couple of days later, the village decides to celebrate their victory and honour the dead (after taking down the defenses). Also, Junichi ended up dying, so the village decided toge should be the village leader. More days passed as Jack decided it was finally time to go. This time however, he left with Miyuki, Saburo and Yori, leaving Yuudai, Neko and the rest of the village behind as the four of them moved on towards Nagasaki.
Akuma's first attack was at the north, but the barricade seemed to be working, and anyone that did get through would immediately be slaughtered by Yuudai and the farmers. Kurochi, one of Akuma' s best bandits, fire a musket shot, and it hit somebody: A straw soldier. It actually did fool them... Somehow. Whatsoever, Akuma started losing some men, so he retreated. Farmers 1, bandits 0.
Akuma next attacked at the east of the village, but before he could even get close, Hayato fired a fiery arrow at a barrel of gunpowder andit exploded and killed some, but not all of Akuma' s men. After the blow, Akuma retreated once more. Farmers 2, bandits 0.
The bandit leader's third attempt was down at the south. However, Jack soon realized that this was just a decoy and he then heads to forest entry. By the time he got there though, all the bandits that were there either got trapped in a ninja trap, or just ran away in fear. He headed back south, only to see that Saburo had been shot, but taking a closer look he sees that the bullet only dented his armour and that Saburo had been faking death. Once he got up, his unit of farmers who were once panicking found some sense of order and together, they repelled off Akuma once more. Farmers 3, bandits 0.
The following day, Akuma launched a full-fledged attack, which manages to injure Yuudai and kill Hayato. As they fought on, Miyuki decided it was time to use the ring of fire(blowing up a bunch of gunpowder), but she fired it, the explosion took Neko with it. A while later, Nakumura wants to settle the score, but that battle ended quickly as he fell into the icy waters. Farmers 4, bandits 0.
I hate to break this to you squoogle (to be honest, I really don't), but that's the end of this prezi........... BYE!!!
Final Thoughts:
If you're a person who really likes somewhat violent sword and fist fight stories which have a hint of ancient Asian culture, then I highly recommend this book for you. Overall, this was just a really good book. The author detailed every single person and event perfectly. Same can be said for the setting. The plot was hardly confusing, even with all those times I thought it was completely abot to change. Point said, it's just a really awesome book from which it's really hard to find something bad about it.
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