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Cloud Computing

No description

Chew Yong

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Deployment Models
Advantages & Disadvantages
1) Public Cloud
a cloud infrastructure that operates in a network for public use.
own, manage and operate by a third party cloud computing provider.
provides highest degree of cost savings while requiring the least amount of overhead.
poor security and no privacy.
e.g :
2) Private Cloud

3) Community Cloud
4) Hybrid Cloud
the combination of several private clouds.
own, manage and operate by several organizations or a third party.
suited for organizations that share common requirements.
contains features of public and private clouds.
the combination of 2 or more clouds.
own, manage and operate by large organization.
most flexibility given to the organizations by combining the advantages of the models.
a cloud infrastructure that operates solely for an organization.
own, manage and operate by the organization or a third party.
do not access a particular resource in a known location.
minimal requirements for hardware and software.
Reduce cost
Increased storage
Sharing resources
Save time
Lack of security
No privacy
Requires good Internet connection
Slow connection accessing to the server
IBM released an operating system called VM
Chew Jyh Yong - J12010256 / 4547111
Ngei Kee Kim - J12010554 / 4547020

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Large scale mainframes made available to schools and corporation
Practice to allow multiple users for better return in investment
telecom offer virtualize private network
The market shifted from a belief that “these servers are expensive, let’s split them up” to “these servers are cheap, let’s figure out how to combine them.” Because of that shift, the most basic understanding of “cloud computing” was born online.
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is a growing trend that offers an innovative way to deliver software, data storage, and computing services.
Infrastructure as a Service
Software As A Service
Google Docs
Quickbooks online
SaaS is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.
MAAS is designed to help facilitate and automate the deployment and dynamic provisioning of hyperscale computing environments such as big data workloads and cloud services.
Metal As A Service
IaaS is defined as computer infrastructure, such as virtualization, being delivered as a service.
Amazon EC2
Windows Azure
PaaS is defined as a computing platform being delivered as a service.
Platform as a Service
Google App Engine
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
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