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How to have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

planning and implementation: details of web project

Daniella Kirk-Williams

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of How to have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

What? How to have an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
A website on Wix, that helps guide the imagination and creative minds of those who are planning on hosting a wonderland themed tea party.
The web page will contain the pages/ categories:
. About
. Drink recipes
. Food recipes
. DIY decorations
. More inspiration
. Photos
. Other websites
. About me The website is aimed at young adults, as i plan on including a alcoholic beverage on the site, but excluding the alcoholic beverage the idea's from the website can used for teenagers and even children. Who? This way That way Up into the rabbits hole Wrong way Layout Simple, basic
Eye catching
Easy to Navigate
5-7 tabs at the top: Food, Drink, DIY Decorations, more inspiration, photos, Video, about me, helpful pages.
Main Splash page
Slide show of photos on photo page
Quote at the top of the page, from the movie.
Underneath quote; description of what my site is.
Attempt to keep a wonderland look to it, colourful, uneven writing
Video on the main splash page
Clear and clean page
Couple of photos on the main page, but also under the link 'photos'
Flash animation will appear on each page at random
Recipes such as the food and drink will have photo's demonstrating the final product
The decorations will have photo's of them being made and the final product.
. The side of main splash page will have more links that lead directly to a particular recipe Audio The audio will be in my Video, will be script taken from the Disney film Alice in wonderland and the 2010 film.
I would like the line 'I'm late' often said by the Rabbit in the Disney film to appear in the start of the the video and maybe a line from the Mad Hatter about being Mad or a line from the Cheshire cat about choosing which path to take.
Following this and hopefully blending in nicely with the theme of being late I'm envisioning Gwen's Stefani's song 'what you waiting for' which is based on Alice in Wonderland, will be playing in the background for the rest of the video.
I'm hoping i will be allowed to use this song, but if not i will have to create something similar on soundtrack pro. Colour Clean, fresh colours
Dark blue, Pastel blue Dark purple, Pastel purple, Black, White
For headings, sub-headings, tags, links, background.
For the font: Black
Eye catching
Not too Bright
Easy on the eye
Sticking to the theme of magic, oddness, a wonderland. Typography Black font,
Chelsea Market for headings and Titles,
Kelly Slab for body font
I want the font to look messy and uneven, to add to the wonderland theme. Objectives Video photo's Queen of hearts The visualisation i have for my video is that it will continue along with the theme of the oddness of wonderland. My video will be located on the main splash page as i want it to welcome viewers to the page, by taking them into 'Wonderland.'
The video will begin with dialogue taken from the two Alice in wonderland films, such as the Rabbit discussing how late he is and then the Cheshire cat discussing how Alice is lost and which path to take, this introduction will represents or symbolise the viewers on my website following the rabbit and Cheshire cat into wonderland.

The video's main soundtrack will then over take over which is Gwen Stefani's song ' What you waiting for' which is a song based around Alice in Wonderland, the song will be introduced by the ticking of clocks that are in the song, this is to go with the theme of the Rabbit who is late.
The video will then show Alice who will be looking down a rabbit hole to the camera (low angle shot) and will tell the viewers to follow her through her body language.

We are then taken to the kitchen in which Alice is cooking for a couple of seconds,
The shot will cut back to outside, in front of five signs which are all pointing in different directions and are included in my DIY decorations.
The camera will head in the direction of the 'Tea party' sign which will lead the viewers to a table filled with food, tea and decorations. Sitting down with a cat is Alice drinking a cup of tea.
On the screen words will appear that say: 'how to have an Alice in Wonderland tea party'.
This video will be filmed entirely in gray scale, except for for one object in each shot will still be in colour eg: a rose or a sign
The Alice actor will be my 12 year old sister, The outdoor and indoor settings will be filmed at my house. There will be a range of photo's on my website; of the food, drinks, the processes of making decorations, the overall look of the tea party, and artistic shots such as of Alice and the Cheshire cat.
There will be a photo of each individual final product of the drinks and food recipes. The DIY decorations will have photo's of them step by step in their process of being created and photos of the final product.
The rest of the photo's will be under the tag 'photo's' which will be a slide show of each photo not included on the other pages.
The main splash page may contain a couple of photo's depending on the overall look of it. Tips, Inspiration, DIY's and recipes to help host an Alice in wonderland Party. My Flash file, will be that of the Cheshire cat, who subtly appears and disappears one body part at a time, just like in the movies.

The Cheshire cat will appear on each page appearing in a different position on each page.
The colours of the cat will be purple, pink and yellow which will the fit the colour scheme of my page. The camera angle at 1;55 I hope to create a similar look Off with your head! To provide creative drink and food recipes and decoration idea's for an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, that is all available on the one website. Main Splash page About (The website) Drinks Food DIY Decorations More inspiration Photo's Other websites More About me Introductory Video What
Why Recipes
3-4 Recipes
two sweet/ one savoury steps More idea's Slideshow Photos of final product Photos final product Photos of process Drinks
Decorations Photos of final product
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