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Lakia Neely

No description

lakia neely

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Lakia Neely

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Lakia Neely
Early Life
Herb Kelleher was born on March 12,1931, in New Jersey.
Herb father was the general manger at a Campbell Soup Factory.
Went to College at New York University.
He is married with four children.
Herb Kelleher graduated from Haddon Heights High School.
Wesleyan University, BA , 1953
New York University, LLB, 1956.
Career & Success
He clerked for the Supreme Court Justice, joined a law firm
Kelleher had to fight off over 30 lawsuits before Southwest Airlines was even able to get a plane in the air.
Herb Kelleher is the co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines.
Herb Kelleher
"When I start to have more time, I have thought that I might write a few things. I might write about science. I might write about astronomy. I might write about Southwest: It would be a fascinating story; I wouldn't change a thing." Herb Says
What type of business would i open?
I would open a hot wing restaurant!
Net Worth Of Business.
Herb Kelleher Net Worth $2.5 Billion Dollars
Herb Kelleher
Business: CEO Of Southwest Airlines
2nd 10/19/16
Contributions 0f The Economy
Operation agent
Ramp agent
Customer-Service agent
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