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The Princess Bride

By Fiona Roberts

Fiona Roberts

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Princess Bride

Call to Adventure
The Princess

Released on September 18, 1987
By: Fiona Roberts
Hero's name: Westly

Farmboy, determined to find Buttercup, his love.
Tests, Allies,
New Life
Westly leaves his home to try and
find his fortune so he will be able to
marry his love, Buttercup.
Shortly after leaving, Westly is
captured by the dread pirate Roberts.
While gone, Buttercup is kidnapped.
Westly becomes the dread pirate
Roberts aka the masked man in black
Westly chases the trio who kidnapped
Buttercup (Vizzini, Fezzik, Inigo Montoya)
Westly catches up to the trio and
defeats them each in different ways,
after learning about them.
He catches Buttercup but doesn't reveal
his real identity (being Westly instead of
the Dread Pirate Roberts).
Buttercup finds out it's Westly.
They flea and go through the "fire
swamp" where Westly is attacked by a
large rodent, and they both fall into
sinking sand.
They are captured by Prince
Humperdinck, who also wants to
marry Buttercup.
Buttercup agrees to marry prince
Humperdinck to save Westly, but
he is still secretly tortured in a creepy
underground place. Westly is (technically)
killed by the torture.
The trio the hero fought earlier
come back and help him by getting
him a special pill from the miracle man to bring him
back to life.
Westly is trying to get to the
wedding in time to stop Buttercup
and Humperdinck from marrying.
Westly has a hard time moving, as he
was still recovering from being semi-
dead. He manages to get there and stop
them right before they said I do.
Westly gets to Buttercup just before
she kills herself in her room, because
she hated Humperdinck, shortly after the
wedding was stopped.
Westly challenges Humperdinck to a duel, but is still semi-paralyzed from his recovery.

Westly is able to trick Humperdinck
and ties him to a chair and rides away
with Buttercup.
The Trickster
Character Archetype #1
: Vizzini
Acted by
: Wallace Shawn
: About 45
: Male
Reason for archetype
: Vizzini is the
leader in a trio of men, who are against
the hero. Vizzini is always trying to
come up with ways to set back, or kill the
oponent,to benefit himself. Vizzini
is the trickster because he is always
trying to slow down and play tricks
on the hero.
: Inigo Montoya
Acted by
: Mandy Patinkin
: About 45
: Male
Reason for archetype
: Inigo is the character
who always wants to be the one with the
sword, and always wants to be fighting for various reasons. Inigo also wants to kill
the six fingered man because he killed
his father. Inigo is the ally because he is
always helping the others in the trio.
Character archetype #2

The Ally
Acted by:
Andre the giant
About 40
Reason for archetype:
Fezzik is the biggest
and strongest in the trio. His part in the
movie is to be the "helper" by completing
tasks made by Vizzini to throw off, or
mess with the enemy, but ends up taking
care of the hero.
Character archetype #3
The Shapeshifter
Character Archetype #4
The Mentor
Name: Buttercup
Acted by: Robin Wright
Age: Early 20's
Gender: Female
Reason for archetype: Buttercup is the reason
why Westly had to leave for his journey. When
Westly found out Buttercup was kidnapped,
he spent the rest of the story trying to get
her back. She played the mentor by creating
the whole story.
Character archetype #5
The Shadow
Name: Prince Humperdinck
Acted by: Chris Sarandon
Age: About 30
Gender: Male
Reason for archetype: Prince Humperdinck
is the shadow because he says he also wants to marry Buttercup. As a result, it creates conflict by locking up Westly and attempting to kill him so he can marry Buttercup.
Age: Early 20's
The Ideal Hero
Ability to overcome many obstacles including death
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