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Comparative Economic Development: Pakistan and Bangladesh

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Mahi Grewal

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Comparative Economic Development: Pakistan and Bangladesh

Comparative Economic Development: Pakistan and Bangladesh
Case Study 2
This case study discussed economic development in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
It is a comparative study, which try to explore causes and variable involves in creating difference in both countries development.
This study considers the Democracy, rule of law & government; Human index, and Economic structure.
Data range from 1980 to 2009.
Independence- August 14th 1947
March 26th 1971
Both were under British Rule
Pakistan (West Pakistan) and Bangladesh (East Pakistan)
Population in 2009 (181 million in Pakistan and 162 million in Bangladesh)
Current Population (182.1 million (2013) in Pakistan and 156.6 million in Bangladesh)
23% of the population lives below $1.25 per day poverty line
Life Expectancy


8.75 billion (Ranked 34th)
$129.41 (Ranked 115th)

10.64 billion (ranked 29th and 21 more than Bangladesh)
$174.26 (ranked 105th. 35% more)
GDP Per Capita
GDP per Capita
115.61 billion (Ranked 55th
$747.34 ( Ranked 156th)
231.18 billion (Ranked 42nd twice as much as Bangladesh
$1290.36 Ranked 139th 73% more than Bangladesh)
49% of the population lives below $1.25 per day poverty line
Adult literacy rate > Female
49.8 Ranked 95th. 25% more than Pakistan 39.97 Ranked 103th.

Adult literacy rate > Total
55 Ranked 99th. 2% more than Pakistan 53.7 Ranked 103th.

Average years of schooling of adults
2.6 Ranked 88th. 3.9 Ranked 75th. 50% more than Bangladesh

70.69 years
66.59 years
Child malnutrition has fallen by two-thirds to less than half in Bangladesh and In Pakistan it remains lower at 38%
Mortality rate in Bangladesh was 239 per 1000 births and in Pakistan it was 180 per 1000 births in 1971
85.5 per 1000 births in Pakistan and 41.1 per 1000 births in Bangladesh
Human Development Index
Gender Equity
Pakistan is ranked 141 and Bangladesh is ranked 146.
Bangladesh is 9 places higher than predicted by its income and Pakistan is 9 places lower than predicted by its income
According to Social Watch Report (2004) Pakistan is in the fourth and lowest category and Bangladesh scored above average (second highest category).
As of 2008, In Pakistan only 60% as many women as men were literate (higher in the 15-24 age group)
In Bangladesh 83% female to male literacy ratio which is significantly higher than Pakistan.
More girls are enrolled than boys in Bangladesh, while in Pakistan the enrollment level of girls is less than three quarters of boys.
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