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No description

Gp Chua

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of FUTURE HOTEL

Experiencing New Technology in Hotel Stay...
Hotel Room OF The Future
Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Hotels Of The Future
These technologies, some still in the concept stage, some existing and ready to be funded, are likely to change the way guests experience hotels in the future, from now and beyond. Experts believe we will see many of these hotels of the future by the year 2030.
Space Hotel
Just a few crazy ideas we might encounter if we live till 2030. Certainly won’t be cheap staying one night in space. Even if the “spacey” hotel gives you a small room.
Today, we live in a stressful world, full of pressures. Pressures to perform, to be better than everybody else, deadlines, pressures to be on time, to be first, to get results! All we do is run from here to there leaving no time to relax and unwind. These problems will only increase in the future, that is why the Hotel Room of the Future must be the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.
Team Leader : Nizam
Assistant Team Leader : Chua
Members :
Lynete, Joyce, Syazwan, Sures
SPChong, Hamisah, Jia Hui, Ayu
Foldable Pod on Stilts
A foldable pod on stilts, which can be plunked down in remote locations. The pods will be self-sustainable, and guests can choose the images they want to be projected on the walls. When a destination falls out of fashion, whether due to demand or terrorism, the pod can simply be folded up and moved."'Active' walls and floors will show changeable images, enabling guests to set whatever mood they wish...All waste produced by the hotel will go into a unit at the base...so no blemish will be left on the environment after it has moved on."
Hotel Built On Water
Imagines hotels of the future which offer "services that may not necessarily be performed by humans. Food and drinks could be dispensed by machines or robots, rooms could be cleaned by built-in vacuum and disinfecting systems, and a quick back-and-foot massage could be provided by a robotic apparatus."
robotics, nanotechnology, and biometric security
Technologies that define the future of hotels
Seemingly taken from the pages of a Neal Stephenson novel or an episode of "Star Trek," hotel futurists envision nanotechnology enabling a hotel room to transform itself as per your needs. Want a king-sized bed with a sofa, or prefer a single bed and desk? Hotel rooms equipped with molecular nanotechnology will deliver. On the more immediate horizon, the technology promises scratch-resistant furniture, self-cleaning coated glass, upholstery that stays clean, and windows that filter UV/IR light.
Biometrics, a security technology that identifies individuals by retina scans, fingerprints or voice prints, is already in use at government and private industry installations. The lock on your hotel room's safe may soon be triggered by a retina scan. Guests of future hotels might also forget about room keys and check in to hotels with just a glance.
Presented by : Group A2
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