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History Of Computers Assignment

No description

Bri Harland

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of History Of Computers Assignment

History Of Computers Assignment 1450- Gutenburg Press
-Made by: Johannes Gutenburg
-Paper was placed on inked woodblock and an impression taken by rubbing.
-It was a time consuming task. 1888- Gramophone
-By: Emile Berliner
- It's a system for pressing records
-Replaying sound after recording
-Emile was a German immigrant
-This was called "The Gramophone Company"
-Trade marks was a Nipper, a dog listening to its masters voice recorded on the Gramophone 1926- First Television
-Created by John Logie Blaird
-A Scotsman
-There is multiple books on him as well. 1977- Apple Computers are first sold commercially to consumers in U.S.
-Inventor; Steve Jobs Before 1801: - Calculators invented
-Earliest comuting devices
-this helped the latest math skills 1955- Bell labs introduced the first transistor computer
-transistors made computers energy efficient
-made at the university of Manchestor
-Australian Hungarian Physicist
-Julius Edgar Lilenfelt made this Oct.22nd 1979- half a million computers were used in the U.S.
-Number 10 million by year 1983 1983- time magazine nominate personal computer for the title "magazine of the year"
_first non-human to be nominated
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