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Causes of WW1

A mind map describing the various causes of the war and the situations of all the Great powers leading up to WW1

Jamie Cuthbert

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Causes of WW1

Causes of WW1
Forced into a humiliating peace settlement after Treaty of Frankfurt
Took Alsace-Lorraine from France
Forced to pay 200 million francs in reparations
Ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm II who envied the British Empire and Navy
Kaiser believed in Weltpolticks (World politics) He had an aggressive foreign policy and wasn't forgiving in order to gain land and expand the empire e.g 1st Moroccan Crisis
Wanted Germany to have 'its place in the sun' -link to British Empire
1900 - Overtook Britain as most important industrial country
Wanted an African Empire and Strong navy
'the pan German League' wanted Mittleuropa- a strong state of central europe, controlled by Germany
Had a modern Steel works factories and a strong army
Lost Alsace-Lorraine and wanted revenge
Built up army and industry and tried to make alliances with Britain and Russia
Had a large overseas Empire but threatened by Kaiser Wilhelms
A trading nation who's wealth was on its Empire
Had an Empire that ruled a fifth of the planet
Needed a strong navy for trade routes
Felt safe due to being and island and its navy
Chose policy of 'splendid isolation'
Felt threatened by Germany's growing power
Large empire made up of different nationalities (Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Poles and Serbs
There was problems keeping everyone united due to the customs
Worried about Serbia's growing power as Serbs from Austria-Hungary might want to go back
Largest but most backward country, the people were poor and little modern industry
Russians wanted power over Slavs (Serbia and Bosnia) so supported them against Austria-Hungary
Rivalry in the Balkans between Austria-Hungary and Russia
Wanted the rich trade in the mediterranean
Triple Entente
Great Britain
Triple Alliance - 1900
Alliance Systems
Anglo-Russian Entente - 1907 friendly agreement
Franco-Russian Alliance - 1894 to help each other is attacked by Germany
Entente Cordial (friendly agreement)- 1904 not to argue over colonies
Agreed to help each other if attacked by another power
The two alliances caused suspicion, rivalry and tension between the powers
1st Moroccan Crisis
1905- The Kaiser promised to support Morocco's independence
The French were upset as they wanted to occupy it as a colony
Wilhelm was testing Britain and France's opinion
1906 - Algeciras Conference, Britain and Russia supported France and Germany should have no say in Morocco
Germans felt surrounded
Britain and France's friendship was strengthened
Bosnian Crisis
1908- Bosnia were annexed by Austria-Hungary, this was opposed by Serbia who wanted to take over Bosnia
Serbia was too small to do anything so asked Russia for Support
1909- Russia supported Serbia but didn't go to war as was threatened Germany, who'd declare war with Russia if they took action
Austria-Hungary felt confident of German support, given a 'blank cheque'
Agadir Crisis-2nd Moroccan
So not defeated again Russia began to built up its army
Serbia now looked for a chance for revenge against Austria-Hungary
Italy were worried about AH being too aggressive and were less keen on the Triple Alliance
1911- Rebellion against the Sultan of Morocco, French helped the Sultan
This was a chance for France to take control by helping the rebels, it would give compensation to Germany and Spain who were worried
The Germans sent the 'Panther' gun boat to Agadir, a port to challenge the French
The Brits were worried that Germany may set up a Naval Base so helped France and say they would protect its north coast
The French took Morocco as a colony
Germany was given 100,000 square miles of bad Congo land
The French and the Entente won strengthening their alliance
The Kaiser was determined not to lose again
The Arms Race
In 1900, Britain had the biggest Navy but only a small army
In 1898 Germany began to build up their army, Britain feared they'd take their colonies
In 1906 both started to build dreadnoughts a new superior battleship
Britain and Germany disliked each other more, Britain and France were better friends
Military Leaders thought to keep peace they needed a strong army to stop invasions
Except Britain, the Great Powers increased their armies and had conscription by 1914
Russia's army was big but badly equipped
Germany was proud of its army
1898- Kaiser Wilhelm ordered Admiral Tirpitz to equal/ better the British Navy
This meant fear in Britain and its allies, so the Brits campaigned for more Dreadnoughts
The government agreed, slogan for the campaign was 'We want 8 and we won't wait'
By the end Britain had more ships 34 to 22 and kept its naval supremacy
All countries wanted to expand and become rich but there wasn't enough land for everyone. This caused rivalry.
In 1907 Russia allied with France and Britain
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