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LibrARy Orientation: Augmented Reality in the Library

For ALA Annual 2013

Alexandra Van Doren

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of LibrARy Orientation: Augmented Reality in the Library

y Orientation:

Augmented Reality in the Library
* Science: NASA/ESA
* Math: Games
* Art: Becks/NGA
* Language Arts:
* Movies/Music:
* Print: Esquire
* Goal 1: Orient students to library resources and services
* Goal 2: Increase student retention of material
* Goal 3: Reach out to students beyond traditional library instruction sessions
* Goal 4: Increase "approachability" of librarians for students
How Can I Do It Myself?
* Many free AR apps
- Wikitude
- Layar
- Aurasma
* Quick live demo of
creating with Aurasma
Many disciplines
Many applications
Thank you for coming!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Jovanni Lota - lotaj@uhd.edu
Lindsey Simard - simardl@uhd.edu
Ali Van Doren - vandorena@uhd.edu
What is Augmented Reality?
UHD Libr
y Orientation
Current Research
* Emerging technology
* Benefits
- enables virtual hands-on
experience w/o actual items
* Stumbling blocks
- ease of use
- access to technology
- could be overwhelming
Live Demo
Jovanni Lota, Information Literacy Coordinator Librarian
Lindsey Simard, Online Instruction Librarian
Alexandra Van Doren, Web Management Librarian

Resources available upon request
UHD Summer Fast Track
* Ran our first pilot of 6 auras with 25 incoming freshmen
* Some technical difficulties
* Students were engaged

Full launch in Fall 2013 with 9-10 auras
Today's Agenda
What is AR?
Examples of AR
Live Demos
Would you like to experience augmented reality during our presentation?

If you have an iOS or Android device:
* install Aurasma on your device through your app store (it's free!)
* once installed, open and click the magnifying glass at the bottom
* search for UHD to find the UHD Library channel
* open the channel and click the Follow button

We'll let you know when one of our trigger images is displayed.
Our AR Project
What we've
learned so far:
* Technical difficulties
* Give yourself time to percolate
* Start simple
* Don't forget assessment
* Have fun!
What We've Learned
So Far...
* First created in 1960's (AR & VR)
* 2-D becomes 3-D
* Seemingly modify environment with overlay
* Smaller, faster technology + ease of use
* Works with GPS, altitude/longitude/latitude, marker code/image
* Mostly used for education and training (ultimate visual aid)
We've been thinking about:
* Types of assessment
* Badges
* Uses in other libraries

What possibilities can
you see?
For More Information:
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