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Cleopatra Project

No description

Sejal Moosapeta

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Cleopatra Project

Cleopatra VII Cleopatra's Childhood Cleopatra was born 69 BC , during the Ptolemaic dynasty
Cleopatra learned 6 Languages Hebrew, Greek , Ethiopic , Egyptian , Aramaic and Latin
At a very young age she learnt about her fathers political standard and her surroundings
She also NEVER had a close relationship with her siblings because they both wanted the throne Cleopatra's Accomplishments She built many trade ships for Egyptian traders
She claimed herself as the new Isis ( The Goddess of Magic)
She created many monuments in ancient Egypt
She believed in other gods and goddesses and she managed to get Egypt to believe in them to Cleopatra's Setbacks Cleopatra VII failed to secure freedom for her country
She had being kicked off the throne by her brother but managed to get back on the throne.
Julius Caesar's death, because he was her protecter They thought as her very educated and smart women.
She had built a lot of trading ships and provided them for the people to use so they were grateful to her
They thought cleopatra was one of the best pharaohs because she spoke Egyptian the home language of Egyptian. How Did People Feel? Fashion Sense? For public and religious ceremonies she dressed as the goddess Isis. She then only wore gold.
Cleopatra would wear the Uraeus, or Egyptian crown which was a gold headband with three snake heads over the forehead.
She wore a white dress with diamonds and gold all over it for important dates and ceremonies.
Normally for a daily crown she would wear a standard chaplet like other people wore.
She wore a white dress with black slippers for her daily life. Cleo's Factfile Meaning of the name : Glory of the father
Family :
Father: Ptolemy XII
Mother : Cleopatra V (Unknown)
Husbands: Ptolemy VIII , Julius Caesar , Mark Antony
She was the first greek pharaoh The End!!! By: Aisha and Sejal 7E Bibiliography:
www.wikipedia.com www.wikihow.com www.nationalgeographic.com
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