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Compare And Contrast

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 15 December 2015

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Transcript of Compare And Contrast

By: Ricardo Amador
Compare And Contrast

A Little About Cristiano Ronaldo And Me
Cristiano plays as a professional soccer player at Real Madrid. I play in a US Youth Soccer Association league for a team called Provo United. My next paragraphs are how were alike and different.

How Were Alike
We have the same soccer cleats. Hes lucky that he gets them for free. I have to play $300 just to get them. We Both like the fire design. He takes them to his tournaments and I'm going to take mine when i go to mesquite Nevada.
We both love soccer
We both started playing soccer when we were 5 years old. He went to a lot of tournaments. I'm going in this up coming seasons. I hope some teams are interested in me so i can get better and become a famous soccer player.
How Were Different
Ronald is portuguese and I'm american/mexican. The spanish language is kinda different from the portuguese. America is way far from portugo. We have diffrent flags to.
Different Leagues And Teams
Ronaldo plays for the La Liga. I play for the U.S Youth Soccer Assignation. He plays for Real Madrid and I play for Provo united. Hes Professional I'm not. Im going to go try out for Sparta South. After Sparta South I
Were Diffrent Jersey Numbers
In the end we have alot more similarities then diffrences. At the end of the day we both love soccer. I hope when get older I can play for real mardid rivals barcelona. To see whos the best la liga team.
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