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Jean and Dominique de Menil

photo mosaic

Rowdy Durham

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Jean and Dominique de Menil

The de Menils blah blah BOUGIE-NESS One of Philip Johnson's first commissions "In the end [Dominique de Menil] even shied away from calling herself a collector. 'The very word,' she once said, 'seemed to be charged with pretension.' She wanted 'only to discover treasures, to bring them back home, like one makes a bouquet without too much reflection and in the process for the joy of the eyes.'"
- The Menil Collection Father Marie-Alian Couturier
The 1940's "As the idea of the museum slowly took shape, I dreamed of preserving some of the intimacy I had enjoyed with the works of art." Dominique de Menil Paul Cezanne's 1895 painting
Montagne (Mountain) Antiques
African, Pacific Islands, Pacific Northwest
Modern and Contemporary Collection Overview Presented by: Liz Graves, Rowdy Durham, Shelby Riddell
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