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Pollution- zero conditional

No description

Alejandro Puente

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Pollution- zero conditional

What happens when we pollute?
What is it?
It's the introduction of a contaminant into the environment.
Types of pollution
Air Water Soil
so what causes pollution and environmental disasters
If you drop a glass, it breaks.

If I drive my car everyday, I spend more money in gasoline.

1.smokestacks of factories and power plants.

2.Motor vehicles, cars, buses and aircrafts

3.Chemicals, fires and volcanoes
4.Companies dump toxic waste in rivers
Acid rain
Health problems
Animals die
Zero conditional
USE: To express a general truth or a scientific fact.
+ simple present +simple present

If/ when
you heat water, it boils.

Water boils

you heat it.

NOW it's your turn
1. If my teacher doesn't explain a new topic, ... _____________________________
2. If I see people throwing trash in the street, ...___________________________
3. When/ if ... ______________, I get sick.
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