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Biomedical and socio-medical models of Health

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Sian Emery

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Biomedical and socio-medical models of Health

Biomedical and Socio-medical models of Health
What did we do last week?
Key Terms
To complete your assignment
If you have any questions during the holiday you can email me on:

Theories of Health

Post Modernism -
Focus on the holistic care,
rather than mediation,
Transcendental meditation has had high success rates with high blood pressure and addiction - Russell Brand
3 Mind maps of the three theories
Biomedical Model
Mid 19th Century - Industrial Revolution
Links to the policies and practices of National Health Service (NHS)
Health is the absence of disease and intervention of health professionals occurs in times of illness.
Health service - cure disease
Critic - focus should be on the individual not the scientific side
Doesn't pay any attention to environment and social factors
Functionalism - works together
Socio-medical Model
Functionalism - Parsons says everyone needs to be healthy for society to function. Those who are sick develop the "Sick Role".
Feminism -
Say that the health care system is a male dominated profession, women attend doctors appointments more than men,
Male contraceptives aren't a high priority,
Curing mental health problems with medicine takes away the focus from stressful lives - social inequalities.
Biomedical Model - An Approach to health and illness that identifies as 'the absence of disease' and focuses on diagnosing and curing individuals with specific illnesses.
Socio-medical Model - An Approach to health and illness that focuses on the social and environmental factors that influence our health and well-being, including the impact of poverty, poor housing, diet and population.
What do you think the phrases biomedical and socio-medical mean?
Focus on social factors - Environment etc.
Life Expectancy rising - seen through trends in death rates
Improved standards of living to explain this
1948 introduction of NHS
Causes of ill health are not solely the fault of the individual
Conflict Theories - Marxism / Feminism
Due to the consequences of inequalities in society and circumstances.
Said that the Upper class (MP's) were not willing to make the changes that would help the poor from illness
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