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Problem & Solution Scenarios Sequence

Mozart meets Humphrey Bogart with this from the heart sh*t.Play your part, life is but a dream for me

Jesus Tellez

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Problem & Solution Scenarios Sequence

Part 1: The Physical Things to consider:
Weight Pros Vs Cons
Scheduling Conflicts
Necessity Part 2: The Emotional Is the Nurse telling the truth?
Extent of racism
Possible actions to take Part 3: The Circumstantial Should Alexander cooperate?
Is taking sides okay?
Should Alexander include incident on his school report? Problem & Solution Scenarios Sequence Pros Vs Cons Pros Cons Extra experience
In depth look at needs of
the elderly Potential long-term career
edge Potential negative academic impact
Increase in responsibilities with no economic incentive Does he have time to honor his commitment?
Would spending extra time volunteering get in the way of other important things in his life? Time Conflicts Are Madonna's need being met?
Could Madonna be exaggerating the nurses shortcoming to get more attention?
Would Alexander's presence fix the issue? Necessity Alexander should conduct an investigation.
He should make note of how nurses interact with different residents.
He should consider the character of the people the nurses are interacting with. Is the Nurse telling the truth? Not all racism is created equal.

Is a resident's life in danger?

How easy would the issue be to address? Extent of racism Are there racist nurses? What actions should be taken? If there are racist nurses, Alexander could try to fix the issue himself.

Alexander should contact the Retirement Home Director if necessary.

Alexander should seek further help if the Retirement Home Director ignores the issue. Alexander should cooperate.

It might be uncomfortable, but he should tell the truth.

His cooperation could help improve the living or working conditions of people associated with the retirement home. Should Alexander Cooperate? Alexander should not take sides.

Taking sides would compromise the integrity of the investigation and damage his credibility in the future.

Taking sides would probably lead to lying, which could negatively impact someone's life. Should Alexander take sides? Is it relevant to the presentation? Should the incident be reported on Alexander's presentation? Alexander should make note of the incident and everything he has seen and experienced at the retirement home.

Reporting on the interactions of Caretakers and residents is important, as it shines light on the relationship of caretakers and those in need, unquestionably something important in the field of social work.
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