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Escape the Temple Game

No description

Tom Gilbert

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Escape the Temple Game

Escape the Temple
The year is 1891, explorers
have discovered an ancient Mayan Temple in the jungles of the Amazon and wish to make a name for themselves, little do they know that in shadows lurk the minions of the Mayan God of Death, Ah-Puch, ready to end the lives of those defile his precious temple. Now
must break the curse of the God of Death and escape the temple, or join the ranks of those who have died at the hands of Ah-Puch.
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Escape the Temple is a top down, co-operative horror game where players must find a way to escape an ancient mayan temple, all the while avoiding booby traps and the evil minions of the Mayan God Ah-Puch.
The controls for this game are simple, use the W,A,S and D keys on the PC for movement and the Arrow Keys for quick time events.
To progress through the temple, players need to solve riddles and puzzles to open each door, or find secret passages to go around the door.
Minions of Ah-Puch
I think we need to have a few different enemies; not too many. 3 should do.
For Example
Some sort of elite unit that only appears in the latter stages of the mission.
We have to come up with names for the two explorers and give a basic bio and a maybe some stats and specific abilities aswell, such as an ability to hear enemies from longer distances.
The Ancient Gods of Maya
The God of Death is not the only deity in Mayan Mythology. Some gods can provide buffs to whoever finds their mark during the mission.
The Mark of KINICH-AHAU; the god of the sun. Reveals the whole map for 30 seconds.
The Mark of VOTAN; the god of war. Gives players a special Mayan weapon to fend off the minions of AH-PUCH, only temporary.
The Mark of ITZAMNA; the god of creation. Players have the abilty to automatically open 1 door or passge without having to solve a puzzle or riddle.
The Mark of XBALANQUE; the god of heroics. Players have longer to react when in a quick time event.
In Game Map
Map Overview
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