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SLOAN-C Conference Presentation 2012

Developing an Online Orientation Program that Addresses the Support Needs of Adult Learners

Richard Brungard

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of SLOAN-C Conference Presentation 2012

Penn State World Campus
New Student Orientation Providing Learner Support Reasons for providing a range of learner support services of different types and at different stages of a program include the need to assist with learner recruitment, the need to mazimize learner retention, to provide for learners' demands for support, to help in overcoming learners' feelings of isolation and the need to nurture learners who may not have participated in formal education for some time. Mills, 2003; Rowntree, 1992; Simpson, 2002 Developing a sense of connectedness between the learners and the institution is a critical success factor for distance learning programs . Dowling, 2006 Studies confirm that student who enrolled in first-year seminars tend to complete more credit hours, earn higher cumulative grade point averages, and return to the institution at higher rates than student who did not enroll in such first-term courses The First Year Seminar Cuseo, 1991; Davis, 1992; Fidler, 1986 Webinar Topics New Student Orientation
Financing your education
Benefits for military students
Transferring credits to Penn State
Library services
Student Aid
Time management
Overview of ANGEL
Understanding Your Major's Requirements
etc... http://asuonline.asu.edu/current-students/orientation http://www.insidecapella.com/dedicated-support.asp http://www.drexel.com/online-degrees/eventlist.aspx http://www.umuc.edu/spotlight/testdrive.cfm Richard Brungard An Orientation in 3 phases Orientation at Penn State World Campus
What does the research say?
Academic support
Non-academic support Outline Managing the workload
Keeping up with the readings
Being motivated to complete the degree
Adapting to a new learning environment
Balancing priorities
Feeling isolated Concerns of Online Students Motteram & Forrester, 2005 http://student.worldcampus.psu.edu/new-student-orientation/new-student-orientation-webinar Technical requirements
Provide technical support
Communication tools
Study skills
Accessing support resources
Who provides support
What it's like to learn online
Developing community
Induction is on-going What Students Need in an Online Orientation Dolan, et al, 2009; Motteram & Forrester, 2005 An Online Orientation for Adult Learners:
How Was It Developed, What Do They Need? You can access this presentation at: http://tinyurl.com/chs3lum Website Webinar Online Course
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